Aldi Strikes Again!

The project that started it all. Terrifying for all the wrong reasons.

Hi Crafters!

We are well into our second lockdown in the UK and good old Aldi has released more knitting and crochet kits. Fantastic. I am so happy. *end sarcasm*

Regulars to the blog will already know how much I dislike the Aldi kits. The patterns are often badly written, the low price seems to draw beginners to the kits like a moth to a flame (and I am all for people getting into crafting, I just feel these kits need to come with a difficulty rating!) and the materials in the Harry Potter kits were absolutely God awful.

If you haven’t seen any of my previous Aldi reviews, take a look here.

Anyways, I have been inundated with requests to make videos for various Aldi kits, the most popular of which has been the Red Panda kit.

I actually don’t have any of the kits and I really don’t feel like going out and spending money on something I have reviewed so badly, but one of my subscribers has sent me the red panda pattern.

Check out the videos on my YouTube channel

Filming a row by row video of the pattern would take me forever, the editing would be excruciating and the final result would be incredibly boring and I would probably get in trouble for copyright infringement.

Instead of a row by row feature length epic, I’ve put together a thirty minute video on all the techniques you need to know to finish the red panda kit. I suspect (but I don’t know for sure) that this video should help you to finish most of the Aldi knitting kits.

If there are additional techniques that you would like me to cover please leave me some comments at the bottom of this post or over on my YouTube channel and I will see what I can do to help you. If you have one of the Aldi crochet kits and you need some help with that, take a look at this blogpost!

By the way, if you are over on YouTube and you come across any of my videos, please subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications so that you know when I release new content! My next video is going to be all about making polymer clay Among Us characters.

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