The Craft Journal – 2nd December

I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Hello Crafters!

This comes to you a little later than planned, and this week Mr Crafts has to take a little bit of the blame for this! A few weeks ago Mr Crafts broke (another) car key, and he hadn’t managed to get a new one cut.

This morning I went food shopping and planned to go in to Timpson’s to get the key re-cased while I did the shopping. Unfortunately Timpson was closed for lunch so I had to get the key sorted after the shopping. The key took another half an hour to get re-cased so I had to go back inside to the café for a hot chocolate and a read of a magazine.

Anyway Mr Crafts has now gone Christmas shopping, with his new car key so I want to make the most of the peace and quiet and get some crochet done, so I had best get on!

Monday 2nd December

This week started off with a lovely visit from Mr Crafts’ mum and dad. They came over for lunch, we swapped Christmas cards and they bought us some advent calendars, Lindt advent calendars no less! In the afternoon I settled down to write the weekly instalment of The Craft Journal, which you can read here, and then I went out to the shops to get some ground almonds for making the Christmas cake.

Any excuse to show off my tree!

I also had to get all my things ready to go over to mum’s house the next day, including all my craft fair supplies as I would be selling at the Bourne 2 Care Christmas Fair later in the week.

Tuesday 3rd December

After everything was in the car I drove to Bourne 2 Care to see all the gang and to meet mum. I also packed some paper from my scrap drawer and my paper trimmer so I could make some Christmas cards with all the service users.

After we went back to mum’s we got on with making our Christmas cakes. I think they turned out very well. While the cakes were baking in the oven I got on with making some more gemstone pendants and ploughed on with the crochet jumpers.

Wednesday 4th December

The gemstone pendants are so popular, I seem to re stock them continuously!

The Bourne 2 Care Christmas Fair started at lunchtime so we had plenty of time to set up. Space was limited so I thought I would just set up the gemstone pendants, bracelets and my earrings stand. All of the usual crowd were there and the fair finished by three.

After re loading everything into the car I drove home to Mr Crafts with my Christmas cake. I didn’t bother unloading when I got home as I had another fair the next day. At home I made a few more gemstone pendants so I had plenty of stock for the next day.

Thursday 5th December

Huge thanks to everyone who turned up to support the late night market!

I spent the morning making a few more gemstone chip bracelets as I sold some at Bourne 2 Care. Then I got set up at the late night market. The weather was bitterly cold and unfortunately not many people came out into town. I still managed to sell plenty of jewellery and spoke to all the people that did come and brave the cold! I even got to use my brand new card machine, twice!

If you came out last Thursday to support the late night market, thank you so much! It would have been a very long and very cold night had there been no customers at all!

Once I got home I attempted to warm up and had a nap on the sofa!

I have one more fair left, on 13th December at Millway School, Duston. If you can’t make it don’t worry, you can still shop online in the Folksy store or send a message if you would like to have something made to order!

Friday 6th December

Today was a lovely day, and a day I had been looking forward to for a long time; the day of the Woolly Workers Christmas Buffet at Scotch Lodge Farm. I got to the farm at about 11AM and some of the ladies were making Christmas cards and they all looked beautiful I carried on making my jumpers and at lunch time the food arrived!

Absolutely delicious!

None of us really knew what to expect, but we definitely weren’t expecting what we got! The girls at Scotch Lodge laid on a beautiful Christmas afternoon tea for us. There were lots of sandwiches, including turkey; some lovely pigs in blanket quiche, beautiful Christmas cake, lovely strawberry cake and delicious home-made mince pies! There was so much food we couldn’t eat it all!

I thought Mr Crafts was going to be Christmas shopping in the evening so I stopped at the shops on the way home to pick myself up some dinner and I was looking forward to having a bit of peace and quiet, a Christmas drink and some crochet. It was not to be, Mr Crafts had decided to go to the shops another day.

Saturday 7th December

I had a few jobs to do in town so I got those done in the morning. Then Mr Crafts and I went for some lunch before I had a look round the teenagers market. Then we went home and I cracked on with my crochet jumper. I will be so glad when I finally have these jumpers finished and I can make something else!

I would not like to receive their electriciy bill!

When it started to get dark I took Mr Crafts out in the car to Burton Latimer. There is a street called Hollow Wood Road, the residents always decorate their street to raise money for local charities. This is the first year we have been to see the lights, as I didn’t know about them before, and it was lovely. There were lots of people there and hopefully lots of people donated money to the charities.

Anyway, I have some jumpers to be getting on with and some peace and quiet to enjoy!

Have a good week!


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