The Craft Journal – 25th November

Yay to all the sleeves being done!

Hello Crafters!

I hope you are all well into your Christmas preparations by now. This last week has been Christmas chaos! The majority of the week was spent getting ready for the Christmas Lights Switch on in town (big success). I feel well and truly in the Christmas mood. There are more fairs to go to, more jumpers to make and more festivities to plan!

That must mean I have to get on with this blog post!

New gemstone slider bracelets

Monday – Wednesday

Lots and lots of preparation was the task for me over the first three days; making new designs, re-branding the stall and re-thinking sales strategies. Having decided that the new slider bracelets had passed their testing; multiple showers, hand washing, washing up, taking off and putting back on etc. that I would be happy to sell them on my stall. I made up slider bracelets with all the gemstones that would fit over the cord without having to be reamed out. I also made a selection of gemstone bracelets with gemstone chips and eye pins and re stocked the gemstone pendants. It was a good job I restocked them as they were incredibly popular on Thursday!

After I got everything made, I had something of a trial run of how I wanted to set the stall up to look less cluttered and more inviting, starting with a new pale blue cover for all the boards and tables as well as new price labels. I also put aside a small kit of pliers, headpins and beads so I could make some Christmas angels on the stall to draw people in and give the jewellery more provenance.

Thursday 28th November

The big day! I had an appointment at lunchtime so I loaded up the car, went to my appointment and then drove back home to pick up Mr Crafts and then went to get set up in the market place.

The newly revamped stall

The Big Christmas Lights switch on was brilliant. There were so many people there, despite the rain. Everyone was enjoying themselves and people loved the new stall and the jewellery! I was so busy I couldn’t keep track of how much I sold. The whole event felt very Christmassy and there was a real sense of community in the town centre (for a change!) so I am really looking forward to the late night market next week, 4 PM Kettering Market Place. Once I got home I finally got around to carrying on with making the jumpers for Christmas presents!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Friday – Sunday

Another busy day, this time Christmas shopping in Milton Keynes! Good news is Mr Crafts is pretty much sorted. Bad news, we went shopping on Black Friday so it was so busy! Once I got home I ploughed on with the jumpers! Barring any major disasters, everyone will be getting at least two sleeves for Christmas! The next day was more crochet with a bit of tidying up in preparation for the Sunday. Time to decorate the Christmas tree; I also managed to get all of the sleeves completed! Now I can start working on the fronts and backs!

Anyway, next week I have two fairs coming up as well as a return to woolly workers, making the Christmas cake and a hundred other things!


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