The Craft Journal – 18th November

Just some of the Christmas cards I have been making

Hi Craft Fans!

This week we have a little bit of a craft journal with a difference. The second half of last week was a little quiet on the blog and our social media platforms. This is mostly because I had lots of real life things to do (I know, how disappointing) as well as trying to make a hole in my Christmas preparations.

In the theme of having lots to do, I best get on with writing!

Monday 18th November

After last week I feel pretty exhausted. I managed to get last week’s craft Journal out by lunchtime which was something of an achievement, having written the majority of it today! Anyway, I have jotted down a few ideas for some new content in my notebook and I have my week all planned out. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and I have a productive week!

Is anyone feeling festive yet?

I have also booked in another Christmas Craft market! Feeling determined I have ordered a few more gemstone beads to make a little more stock for my stalls, super excited to get those from the nice man from Amazon tomorrow! I may even experiment with some new designs! For the crystal fans amongst you, I have ordered some Howlite, Indian Agate, Kyanite and some Picasso Jasper!

In the evening I finally got around to making my Christmas card list, safe to say I need to make just a few (a lot) more Christmas cards! So that is exactly what I spent my evening doing!

Tuesday 19th November

 Plans today weren’t all that successful. I was meant to be taking my nan out for the day, but she is in bed with the flu! She called yesterday to say she wouldn’t be fit for going out, she is dosing herself up on paracetamol and we will go out when she is feeling better.

Encouraged with more craft fairs booked in and more gemstones on the way I browsed the Folksy blog for top tips on selling at craft fairs, how to market events and tips on creating displays in small spaces! I now have lots of ideas for the craft fairs and the nice amazon man will be bringing me an earring stand tomorrow! I’m sure he’s very grateful that I keep him so busy.

Road testing this howlite and cord bracelet

In the evening I experimented a little with some of my new gemstone beads. Having had a few requests for male jewellery I decided to make some gender neutral bracelets. I used some macramé techniques, which is not something I have done an awful lot of! I was really pleased with the way the new bracelet looked but I wasn’t ready to unleash it on the world of Folksy or Christmas Markets just yet.

Basically I always worry that knots and joins will come undone; be that in sewing, crochet or jewellery! The last thing I want to do is sell someone a bracelet made entirely of knots and then have it fall to bits! So I am going to road test the bracelet this week and see how the bracelet stands up to wear and tear!

Wednesday – Sunday!

Wednesday was spent trying desperately to get all of my Christmas cards made. Thursday I had a lovely creative morning at Stanwick Lakes talking all things Settlers. There are plans for the New Year being formed and we will be looking at ways of telling the story of the barn and garden. I am super excited for this and will be working on a mock-up of journal layouts.

Friday I went to a funeral and then went to have fish and chips with mum and Saturday was spent at Scotch Lodge Farm painting a cockerel in acrylics.

Finally Sunday was spent attempting to get the Christmas shopping done, with limited success. However I do have some ideas of what I need to get! I finished off making all the Christmas cards on Sunday evening, made a roll of wrapping paper and then carried on with one of the Christmas jumpers.

Next week I will be prepping for the craft stalls with my new found knowledge from the Folksy Blog! I will be at the Kettering Christmas Lights Switch on selling jewellery (including gender neutral jewellery, now that the macramé has been thoroughly tested!) on Thursday evening, so if you are in the area, come and say hello!


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