The Craft Journal, Week Beg 4th November

A beautiful view to end a wonderful day

Hello Crafters!

It has been another busy week in the Crafty house. This week I have led my second ever jewellery workshop and I feel like I’ve got my blogging mojo back. You will have noticed a lot more content being posted. This is something I feel extremely happy about, for a while I feel like I have only been posting once a week, and I really want to do more than that!

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last seven days and I want to tell you all about it! So please, sit back, grab something caffeinated on this Monday and have a read of my ramblings!

A few of the kits ready for the workshop tomorrow

Monday 4th November

Well I am feeling quite smug, most of last week’s instalment of The Craft Journal was already written up. I felt so organised, we will see how long that is going to last! There were only a few finishing touches to add to the content so I got the post finished and up on the blog early in the day. I even managed to get it shared across all the social media platforms! If you missed last week’s post, don’t worry! You can read last week’s ramblings here.

Tomorrow is another big day in the diary, my second workshop. I had a lot of preparation to do so the rest of the day was spent making up all the different kits for the workshop. We had 18 people booked in all together, so I made up 20 kits (just in case someone wanted to change what colour beads they had). It took me pretty much the rest of the day, but I was very happy to do it. I packed up all the kits into my big bag and I went to bed ready for the big day!

Tuesday 5th November

I got to Stanwick at around 9.30 AM, which gave me an hour before the start of the workshop to get set up. The tables and chairs were already in place, as was Stone Age Willow (one of our cut out characters) which was a great help. I went round and handed out a beading mat and a set of tools to each space at the tables, then distributed scissors and glue. Next up I placed one of each of the six kits into 20 paper bags and put six on each table. Soon people started to arrive!

The ladies that attended the workshop were all so lovely! They all had lots of questions about the projects and the history that inspired the pieces of jewellery we made. A few of the ladies wanted to know what specific materials we were using and where they could get them from, so I think there will be a few people having a go at making their own jewellery at home! How exciting! As a result of the workshop I have also had some lovely feedback on our social media accounts!

All the projects one of the ladies on the workshop made!

I really enjoyed teaching this workshop and doing it has given me the confidence I need to really think about hosting my own workshops in the future! So – watch this space!

In the evening I wanted to get to work on finishing a few crochet projects that have been making my brain itch since I got back from America. I really needed to crack on with The (Dreaded) Comforolled sweater, but I just couldn’t face it. So I worked on the final (for now) sunset arches shawl! For a while I was slightly concerned I was going to run out of one or other of the colours of yarn! It all turned out well in the end and I actually have enough of all the colours left over to make up a few granny squares to go into my scrappy dog blanket; that is once all the bloody jumpers are finished!

Wednesday 6th November

After a busy day yesterday I wanted to take it easy and have a bit of a day off. Then I remembered that I wanted to write up my trip to The Creative Craft Show for the blog this week! If you want to read all about my visit then you will find the blogpost here.

The uh-may-zing goody bag from the NEC!

After I got the blogpost written and shared on social media I spent a bit of time working on some crochet squares for the CAL I have been joining in with, hosted by the lovely Annie Designs Crochet. The Blaithin (Irish word for flower) CAL is a lovely one. A new flower is released every two weeks so you have plenty of time to catch up if you miss a week.

The day after I arrived in the US the Cosmos square was released, so I wasn’t able to do my squares with everyone else. Then on the Monday after I got home the hydrangea square was released so I also have those to catch up on, as I spent that Monday preparing the children’s jewellery workshop. I usually make four of each flower square and four solids to go with each flower pattern. So I have 16 squares to make up all before next Monday when the fifth square is released! I got one of the Cosmos squares made up and I’m very pleased with how it looks. The squares make up nice and quickly too so I should be able to catch up, I hope! If you want to join in with the Blaithin CAL you will find all the patterns on The Annie Designs Crochet blog and you will find a Facebook group (here) where everyone shares their photos!

Thursday 7th November

Another day, another Cosmos square for the Blaithin CAL started. Then it was time for me to go to my counselling appointment. Now, I knew this week I NEEDED to go to counselling, but that meant I REALLY didn’t want to go. Go figure.

I don’t think he was ready for his close-up

Unsurprisingly I came out of my appointment feeling exhausted and, well, crap. I had to sit in the car for a few (many) minutes to make sure I was in a fit state to drive myself home. Once I got home I could easily have gone into the fridge and stayed there until all the food was gone. I didn’t do that. I decided that if I had gone into the fridge and eaten the entire contents I would probably feel quite bad about myself, I achieve anything for the day and then I would feel even worse! So, even though I didn’t feel like it, I decided I would make a video for the blog. The video shows you how to make a robot birthday card using lots of different paper crafting techniques, if you want to see it, click here.

I really want to take this out of the mould!

Friday 8th November

Today I had my first day back at Woolly Workers since I have been away! I had a lovely afternoon with all the ladies there and made good progress on the final sleeve of The Comforolled sweater, thank goodness. When I got home wasn’t sure what I felt like doing so I started filming a new video which will be coming to you soon. This video is a little vlog about making the Resin8 trinket tray I ordered before I went on holiday. The tray is made over several days, one the first day you part fill the mould and add the petals. Next you leave the resin to cure before pouring the rest of the resin into the mould. After I completed the first part of the resin tray I edited the footage ready for when I film the next part!

In the evening Mr Crafts and I went out for dinner and then packed some things for the weekend as we were going away!

Saturday 9th November

We got up early to catch the train to London. We met up with everyone and headed for a pub. Mr Crafts and I were quite tired so we both drank tea. I bought The Comforolled sweater with me and carried on with the sleeve. Apparently getting your crochet out in the middle of a London pub is an unusual thing to do. All I can say is that the Woolly Workers would have had my back!

Everyone loved taking the boat instead of the tube!

Next we got on a boat and went down to Westminster. It was a lovely way to get around London, it was far cleaner and relaxed than the tube and you got to see so many famous landmarks on the way. We had a look around a Christmas market in Leicester Square before we went in to see The Book of Mormon.   

The show was absolutely hilarious, even more so for us as Mr Crafts visits Salt Lake City at least twice a year for work (and all the people he works with are lovely!). If you are easily offended I would not recommend it, the language can be a bit fruity. After the show we went back to the hotel to get changed and we headed out for a lovely dinner. We were all absolutely stuffed with lovely food and drink so we walked home, slowly. Then we all met up in our hotel room for coffee/tea/champagne before bed!

One of my Cosmos squares for the Blaithin CAL

Sunday 10th November

We all met up in the morning in the hotel lobby and went round the corner for breakfast before we checked out of the hotel and got back on the train to come home. I spent the journey working on my crochet project and now I am onto shaping the final shoulder! I am hoping to get the sweater finished today.

When I got in I had to have a cup of tea and a biscuit and said hello to the guinea pigs before I decided to go and finish the next part of the resin tray. Once that was finished I edited my video footage and put it with the first lot of footage from Friday. I decided to do a few more Blaithin squares for the CAL and then worked on the sweater some more.

See you next week!


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  1. A lovely blog George,I felt I was with you . You certainly seem to fit a lot into your day when you went to London. I absolutely love London.
    I look forward to seeing your crochet items,I wish I could catch your mojo!
    Keep it up George,I’m always interested on seeing what you are doing and how well you are doing. I’m really quite proud of you!

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