The Craft Journal – 9th September

My first ever online sale!

Hello Crafters!

Last week was so busy, and this week is shaping up to be the same. It is the final week of preparations before the Meet the Settlers event at Stanwick Lakes on Sunday and I anticipate much of the week will be spent working on this! I have been beading away furiously in the last few days so I had best get on with this so I can get listing the new items in the Folksy Store!

Monday 9th September

One of the pages I created this week

As usual Monday begins with the weekly round-up of crafty happenings in The Craft Journal, so if you missed last week’s instalment you can catch up here. I then spent a little (or a lot) of time at the beading mat making bits and pieces. My favourite piece was a beaded bracelet, made from seed beads and superduos, which I listed in the Folksy shop. It then sold the same day! My first ever online sale! I was super happy! I did the fabled happy dance all independent sellers do every time they make a sale! So, to my first ever online customer (you know who you are!), THANK YOU!

Later in the evening the beads were put away (sad face) and the scrap booking supplies came out (happy face!) and I completed another two pages of the wedding scrapbook for some friends before settling in for more crochet on the comforolled sweater.

Tuesday 10th September

I definitely got my money’s worth from my Scan’n’Cut today. I spent the entire day cutting out heraldry shapes and shield bases for the make and take tent. I wanted to get all of this prepped on Tuesday so I could get some samples made up and laminated at Stanwick the next day. Thank goodness for 12” by 24” mats, if not for them I think I would still be cutting out the shields now.

My samples for the make and take tent

After all the shields and heraldry items were cut out, I cut another ten shields in blue, the numbers one to ten in yellow and ten yellow Viking Longships in yellow to make flags for the children’s trail. I highlighted the detail on some of the cut lines and stuck my flags together so they could be laminated the next day as well. If you would like to download the Viking Longship cutting file, you can do that here.  

Then I made up my sample shields and stamped out some Viking words with the rune stamps I made the other week with one of my fellow Settlers volunteers and matted and layered them onto craft card, hoping to laminate these the next day. You may have noticed a theme by this point.

After I put everything away I did a few more rows of the sweater before bed.

Another bracelet sold!

Wednesday 11th September

Have a go at making these

I got to Stanwick at about 10 AM and met up with more of the Settlers crew. We spent the morning emptying out the kiosk of all the Settlers’ equipment, sorting and organising the things and putting it all back. We had a break for tea and cake (mandatory) and then chatted about some more preparations to be done, including final touches to presentation boards and the creation of some paper handouts for some events coming up in October. Then we had a mass printing and cutting session and sorted all the tickets for the make and takes. They are now all printed and cut, held together in groups of six or eight in paperclips in my craft bag! I left Stanwick at around 4 PM feeling pretty excited about the next week!

At home I filmed and edited a jewellery making video. This week we looked at making a pair of earrings with a chain mail technique. If you would like to watch the video and make your own Mobius knot earrings, you can do that here. Following that made up a silver chain mail bracelet with the undrilled pearls I bought from Amazon last week. I listed the bracelet on the Folksy store, and that sold as well! Cue another happy dance moment. Thank you second online customer!

Lovely beads

Thursday 12th September

Thursday was a bit of a bust. I had a lot of ideas about things I wanted to do but never really got round to doing any of them. In the evening I decided to just sit with the pretty beads and make things just for fun. The evening was certainly more productive than the rest of  the day had been!

Friday 13th September

A woolly workers with a slight difference. I decided I would go to woolly workers in the morning this week. Mr Crafts and I had to be in Essex in the evening which would mean leaving before the rush hour on the M11/M25, roads that fill drivers with deep joy at the best of times. So with the Settlers event next weekend I would have been missing two weeks in a row had I not gone to woolly workers in the morning. I had to skip breakfast to be out of the house in time, so I had a mini farmer’s breakfast at the farm shop. Mini? It was enormous, and very, very good!  

This sweater will NOT beat me

I did an awful lot more socialising than I did crochet this week, but I was feeling quite happy with the progress I had made on the sweater as I was nearly at the point of shaping the back panel. Then it happened, I noticed that my sweater was narrower at the top than it was at the bottom. I counted the stitches. “*£%$£)*%@. I had, somehow, lost 6 stitches.

YET AGAIN, I have ripped back the sweater. The panel was almost at 16 inches and now it is at about 4. I am not impressed. This sweater and I are not getting along. I will not let it beat me. This sweater will be made, even if it is the last thing I will ever do!

Anyway, after getting my lunch to go I headed home to Mr Crafts so that we could get ready to leave. I had planned to spend the car journey finishing off the back panel of the sweater, however I still hadn’t found all of my lost stitches, so the journey was spent ripping back the sweater until I had found them all. Bollocks.

More chain mailon the beading mat

Saturday 14th September

The morning and some of the afternoon was spent preparing a Christmas surprise for someone, so I can’t say too much about that, however we started to make our way home at around 4 and stopped at one of Mr Craft’s friend’s houses on the way. We eventually got home at around 11.30 PM.

The beads were still out on the table from Thursday and they were calling to me. So I sat and made another chain mail bracelet, having already sold the last one I made! Then I watched a bit of TV and went to bed.

Just a few of Sunday’s creations

Sunday 15th September

Mr Crafts and I were incredibly productive today. We got up early, went out for breakfast, made a shopping list, did the food shop, I planned my week and then spent the rest of the day making jewellery! I made so many things! Three necklaces, six bracelets, a couple of pairs of earrings and I even managed to sneak in a few charity makes too! I fell in love with almost everything I made and wanted to keep all of it. However, there are only so many pieces of jewellery a person can wear at once so I still need to decide which ones are going on the Folksy site, which ones are going on the craft fair stall and which one(s) I want to keep.

That’s all for now crafters! Keep your eyes on the Folksy store as I will be adding some new items today!


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