The Craft Journal – September 2nd

Paper beads are great fun and easy to make!

Hello Crafters,

Once again Monday has graced us with its presence and another week stretches out before us! Worry not, as there will be crafts a plenty to keep you entertained.

Last week was a busy one in the Crafts house due to all the IKEA furniture arriving and being built. The house is still in disarray as I type but I am hoping to get it all sorted out throughout the week!

Anyway, there have been a lot of exciting goings on in the world of craft over the last seven days, so I best get on with things.

Romans often used pearls and precious metals in their jewellery

Monday 2nd September

With the Meet the Settlers event coming up this month there are lots of preparations to be done. On Monday morning I made myself busy with creating Roman style rings and Saxon style bracelets for all off the volunteers to wear on the day.

There will be opportunities for the guests to create these items on the day of the event.  We will be running the jewellery making on a take basis so guests will need to book onto sessions during the day. After writing up last week’s edition of The Craft Journal, which you can read here, I put on my graphic designer hat and created the sign-up sheets and tickets for the make and take sessions.  

With this being the week for an art journaling post, I started preparations for the post. This week we looked at ways of creating skies in our journals.

In the evening I spent some time continuing to work on a crochet jumper, which I am pleased to say I think I finally have the tension correct for!

Tuesday 3rd September

This bed took so long to make!

What a busy day. The furniture came from IKEA, so I dismantled the old bed and drawers while Mr Crafts did the heavy lifting. Then we built the bed. Which took absolutely ages! Then we tried to decide where to put the bed, it is a lot bigger than the old bed so I was a bit worried the new furniture wasn’t going to fit! However we found a way that it works. So we put the bed where it belongs and made up the set of drawers. It took literally all day. We were exhausted by the end of it all so all of our belongings were left all over the house, there was no way I was going to be putting it all away that day. I did a little more prep for the art journaling post and a few more rows of the comforolled sweater before sleeping in the new bed!

All stamps are ready to go for the 22nd

Wednesday 4th September

I loaded up the car early in the morning and travelled over to visit one of the lovely volunteers on the Settlers project. We got so much crafting done! It was awesome. We finished making all of the bases and handles for our Rune stamps and then cut all of the runes out of foam and mounted them on the bases!

It really felt like such an achievement to get all of those stamps made! They all look so good and I think the children are really going to enjoy stamping their name in runes at the Meet the Settlers event this month.

After all of the stamps were made we had a little time to cut out some of the shapes for the heraldry activities at the Meet the Settlers event too! If you have a cutting machine that reads SVG files you can cut out your own heraldry shapes with the cutting files available for free here.

At home I filmed the content for this week’s art journaling prompt, unfortunately I didn’t get time to edit the footage as I had to start bringing all of the clothes and other things back into the bedroom!

Thursday 5th September

This is not even half of the yarn in my house!

Another busy, busy day! I edited and posted the footage for the art journaling post; I wrote up copy for another Settlers event coming in October and had more ideas for Settlers jewellery projects, and finally I moved all of the clothes back into the bedroom! The new drawers are much bigger than the old ones so I was able to move some of my clothes out of the drawers in my office. Don’t worry though, the drawers have now been filled…with yarn!

The art journaling prompt this week is all about trying to get out of a creative rut. By drawing, painting, sketching etc. the same thing in different styles each day you will build your confidence and skills. If you would like to watch this week’s video, click here.

Beautiful blue skies are the feature of this week’s art journal

I am super excited about the new Settler’s project coming up in October but I will have to keep quiet for just a little while longer. However as part of the new project I have been trying a few new things, including making paper beads, which was great fun. It is a really quick and simple thing to do, with great results. I will be posting a video on making paper beads in the near future, so keep an eye out for that!

Friday 6th September

Some new projects will be coming in October!

As usual Friday is the day for Woolly Workers. This week it was Woolly Workers with a slight difference as my mum was coming with me. I worked on my comforolled sweater and mum worked on an ever growing granny square blanket. I carried on working on the sweater at home and now it is as long as it has ever been, I am confident with the tension now so I am pleased with how it is looking. If I had to take it all down again I think I might cry!

This chain mail bracelet is one of my favourite projects!

Saturday 7th September

After a busy week this weekend was about rest! I made up some jewellery projects for the October Settlers project to take photos of for publicity next week. Then I worked some more on the sweater and it is now looking more like a sweater! Soon I will have finished the back piece and I will be moving onto the front. It’s nice to feel like I am actually making progress on this sweater having frogged it so many times!

Sunday 8th September

The ever popular angel bag charms

I spent most of Sunday beading, I made a few different pieces including a bracelet made of superduos and some crystal mesh bracelets as well as a few necklaces and a few angels to replace all the ones I sold at the Kettering Play Days market. The Superduo bracelet is available in the folksy store right now, click here to take a look! After all the beads were put away (which takes quite a while) Mr Crafts and I started planning our trip to The USA. It’s very exciting and I cannot wait, there’s a lot packed in to our 10 day trip and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

That’s all for now crafters, I’m going to find something creative to do!   


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