The Craft Journal – 27th August

The spread I never published

Hello Crafters,

Last week seems so far away again. I am feeling a little guilty at the moment as I feel like I have been neglecting you guys for the past couple of weeks. I have still been very busy crafting, but I have not had so much time to tell you all about it.

You may have noticed that last week we did not have our usual art journaling post. There are a few reasons for this, that I will tell you all about later, but I have now decided that the art journaling post will be published every two weeks, but there will be a little something else to keep you entertained on the weeks that we are not art journaling!

Anyway, last week I promised you a shorter instalment, so enough of my rambling. Let’s craft!

The shawl is beginning to get “shawl sized”

Tuesday 27th August

What a fantastic Tuesday. I had a wonderful meeting at Stanwick Lakes to prepare for the up-coming Meet the Settlers event later this month. We have so many activities planned, both crafty and non-crafty. On the crafting side of things we will be making Roman inspired rings, Saxon inspired bracelets, coiled clay pots and stamping with Viking Runes! There will also be real live Vikings and a Quest for young historians to solve. I cannot wait. We also started to make some very exciting plans for two events in October, which I won’t say too much about right now. You will just have to wait and see.

After the meeting I went home and ordered the supplies we need for the event and finished prepping my things for my stall at the Kettering Play Days event the next day. This left me just enough time to write up a monster edition of The Craft Journal, which you can read here if you’re feeling brave.  Finally I settled down to knit a few more rows of the Harris Tweed shawl I have been working on before bedtime!

The next Play Day is on 30th October, we will be there so come along and say hello!

Wednesday 28th August

An early start this morning to get the car packed up and drive into town to set up my stall in Kettering Market Place. Thankfully it was not as hot as it had been in the few days prior, and there was a lovely breeze. This breeze then became wind, which was a little problematic. I managed to get the stall set out nicely, having invested in a few more display stands and the wind decided it would be great fun to keep blowing down just one rack of necklaces.

It was lovely to see so many people using the town centre as it is usually pretty empty. Lots of people were stopping to chat and I heard about a few more events to investigate! I managed to get quite a bit of knitting done on the Harris Tweed shawl in the quiet parts of the day too.

There were a few moments of “excitement” in the day. The first came about one hour in when a lovely child thought it would be a great idea to run as fast as he could towards his grandmother, who was browsing my stall, and use my table to stop himself with. My stuff went absolutely everywhere. I was not impressed, but the little darling’s grandmother did not seem to care. How wonderful. Not. The second incident was wind related. No, not that kind. How rude. Out of nowhere a gust of wind picked up one of my boards and slammed it down on the table sending earrings flying about the place. Luckily I did manage to find all of the earrings scattered about the table and pair them all back up again!  

Mr Crafts came back with the car at three o’ clock and we packed up and went home. Where I promptly fell asleep!

Thursday 28th August

Having fallen asleep after the craft fair yesterday I had not published an art journaling post on the blog. Being so busy with prepping the stall and going to meetings meant that I hadn’t really had time to think of a really good prompt. I had hoped to get a video prompt put together by the end of the day, but one thing led to another and this didn’t work out.

I had planned to show you all what I was getting up to throughout the day and incorporate this into a page in my art journal. I did some filming, and I filled up the page in my journal, and I even started editing the footage. But I couldn’t get it all done. I was exhausted, things were not going my way and I just didn’t have the energy to finish what I started. On top of that I really wasn’t happy with the prompt I had chosen.

Our flags will look something like this!

For the past few weeks I have really struggled to think of good art journaling ideas and I have really been putting pressure on myself to produce the content every week. As such I have felt that the quality of the art journaling posts has suffered.

I have decided that for the sake of the quality of the posts, and for my own sanity, I am going to try publishing art journaling prompts once every two weeks. This should give me more time to develop the ideas I have and turn them into good quality content for all of you.  I still haven’t decided on whether to use the video content I have yet, but the prompt for this week has already been decided.

Anyway, other things that actually did happen on Thursday would include delivery of my business cards (finally!) and completion of the Harris Tweed shawl (thank goodness!) I made a start on another Christmas present (a sweater) which is a whole other tale of woe I will go into later. But the highlight of the day was creating another cutting file!

Ta-dah! the shawl is finished!

Following the meeting at Stanwick I had been tasked with creating some flags for a children’s trail at the September Meet the Settlers event. The trail was based around Vikings so I have come up with some flags with a Viking long ship design to help the children find the clues. Once the file has been tested I will upload it to the blog for the scan’n’cut fans to use (for free!).

Amazon deliveries had been coming in dribs and drabs since Wednesday morning and by now I was sure that the nice man from Amazon would be cursing me. I had ordered a lot of stuff for Settlers, including coloured card. In their wisdom Amazon decided to send this to me 10 sheets at a time. The poor Amazon drivers, I am so sorry. I am desperately trying not to think of the carbon footprint of this card or the volume plastic packaging because it makes my brain itchy.

Friday 30th August

I had such plans for Friday to be productive. I had packed up the car with all of the Settler’s crafting goodies, my Scan’n’Cut, cutting mats, knives, glue tape and more and loaded it into the car to take to Stanwick in the morning. I had arranged to meet another one of the Settlers to prepare some of our crafting activities! On unloading the car I realised I had forgotten my USB stick with the cutting files on. No point bringing the Scan’n’Cut then. No problem, we will make the stamps for the runes. Except we couldn’t find the foam! Disaster!

We still had a lot of planning and chatting to do so that didn’t matter, eventually we found out where the foam was and we did get round to making all the bases and some of the handles for the rune stamps! The morning turned out to be productive after all! Yay!

Unfortunatley the piece was bigger than this when it was frogged, for the first time.

In the afternoon I headed over to woolly workers and continued working on the sweater. I worked on it some more when I got home. I had already made a tension square with the suggested 5mm hook, which had worked out far too large; as had the 4.5mm and the 4mm. The 3.75mm hook had worked out just right. Or so I thought. I measured my every growing piece of crochet and it was far too small! What!? How can this be? For I have dutifully made the mandatory tension square! The whole bloody lot had to be frogged. After much swearing, maths, repeating of tension squares and various other activities I began the sweater again. This was, however, not the end of my sweater woes.

Saturday 31st August

Mr Crafts and I decided we would be spontaneous and go out for the day. Having heard about The Heights of Abraham in Matlock from my fellow Settler I looked it up and we decided that it looked like a great place to go for the day. I drove there and Mr Crafts drove back.

The beautiful Heights of Abraham

I have to say Matlock Bath is a very strange but lovely part of the world. Being in Derbyshire it is pretty far away from the coast, but the town has everything a seaside town has. Including amusement arcades, ice cream shacks, about thirty fish and chip shops, an aquarium and even illuminations! We went to the Heights of Abraham and spent a few hours there and then had a wander around the town. Visited the petrifying well and aquarium and had the best fish and chips we have ever had (seriously – if you go to Matlock Bath have fish and chips at “A taste of the waves”, you won’t regret it).

On the way home, I continued working on the sweater. Which I had measured several times and deemed it to be big enough. An hour and a half later and we were home. I continued my crochet, confident that my tension was correct.

Sunday 1st September

Apparently Mr Crafts and I don’t like rest. After a busy day yesterday what could be better than going to IKEA and spending an eye watering ammount of money on a new bed, mattress, chest of drawers etc. etc. The list goes on.

Mr Crafts drove there and back, leaving me free to crochet in the car, continuing with the sweater.

On arriving home, Mr Crafts suggested that we measure the sweater again. I confidently and proudly handed the crochet over to him with a tape measure, knowing exactly how wide my finished piece was.

&%£$%#@’^&£$)$_”*)%$  aaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh


How?! How?! How is the £$*&#@ing thing smaller than when I started. For the second time the sweater was frogged. Again I made up tension squares. A square for each hook sizes from 3.75mm to 5mm. The 4.5mm square now coming out as being too small and the 5mm being just a tiny bit too large. I have started the sweater again, for the third and final time. If it doesn’t work this time I will be finding a new pattern.

That’s all for now crafters. If you don’t hear from me this week, it will be safe to assume I have gone slightly loopy and I will be rocking in a corner repeating the word sweater over and over and over.


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