The Craft Journal – 19th August

This week I have made many shiny things

Hello Crafters!

I hope you made the most of your bank holiday and found something crafty to do! I made the most of the long weekend and started on a scrap book and started another (I can’t be stopped, I think it must be an addiction) crochet project. The good news is that I actually finished the crochet project on the same day I feel slightly better about that. Anyway, this week we have a bumper edition of The Craft Journal to get through, so let’s begin.

Monday 19th August

After the success of the craft fair at Scotch Lodge I was keen to get back out there with my jewellery so I hopped onto Stallfinder to see what events were coming up in the local area. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Stallfinder, it is a website that has listings of all the events happening in your local area along with contact details you can use to get in touch with event organisers! It is free to search for events!

So sparkly

I found some events in Kettering Market Place and phoned up a lovely lady at the council and booked up for some events. I am going to be having a stall in the market place on 28th August and 30th of October as part of the Kettering Play Days initiative which runs in the school holidays. As well as that I also booked a stall at the Christmas Lights Switch On and the Late Night Christmas Market! How exciting!    

I also found time to write up last week’s edition of The Craft Journal, if you missed it you will find it here. The nice man from Amazon delivered some new beads, which are extremely sparkly, so I was duty bound to make something with them. Then in the evening I worked on one of many ongoing yarn based projects!

Tuesday 20th August

After lots of phone calls, emails and admin tasks on Monday; and with more craft fairs looming; I decided I had better make some more jewellery. The only problem is that I loved it all so much I decided to put it in the folksy store! So lots of time was spent taking pictures of the shiny things. If you would like to see what I have been making take a look in the Folksy store!

So many projects, so little time

The nice man from the post office brought me a big squishy delivery in the morning. Not one, but two bags of yarn from the fabulous Wool Warehouse! This is all ear marked for Christmas presents so I can’t say too much, however it is all lovely and soft and snuggly! I am a huge fan of wool warehouse. They have an absolutely huge range of yarn at extremely competitive prices, if you spend over £25 delivery is free and always very quick! If you are after the free delivery my advice is to keep a list of things you need/want (they are the same thing, right?) to buy and then order in one big lot.

The beads have now been put away, for a little while

Wednesday 21st August

I am unable to resist shiny things. It is unwise to leave me in a bead store alone. Mr Crafts will confirm this. So when the beads are out on the table, they stay out for a long time. I try to put them away, then I get distracted by the shiny and I end up making.

I made several items for my stall, and this time they were not listed on Folksy! As tempting as it was to take more lovely photos! However, I did make my first commissioned piece, a lovely bracelet with dark, dusky pink glass crystals. Being my first commission (not for my mum!), I also made a little something to match the bracelet as a thank you!

Wednesdays are, as always, the day for our regular art journaling post. This week I didn’t work in my journal. I used canvas paper instead. The prompt for the week was to create something that makes you smile. I chose to paint one of my guinea pigs, Monica, asking for snacks. If you want to catch with the art journaling prompts you can do that here, you will even get to see my guinea pig!

This pig is too cute!

Thursday 22nd August

Not a lot of crafting happened today. I went to Peterborough to pick up my grandmother, drove to Spalding, then back to Peterborough via Bourne. By the time I got home I was shattered! In the evening I worked on the shawl I have been knitting, which is starting to get quite long now!

Friday 23rd August

I allowed myself a little lie in on Friday, I needed it!

Having painted Monica earlier in the week, it only seemed fair to paint Phoebe too! After my lie in I just about had time to draw out Phoebe on a piece of canvas paper before I had to get ready to go to Woolly Workers.

I can’t have one without the other!

It was a beautiful sunny day, but when I arrived I was the only one there! I sat outside with the chickens and had some lunch while I worked on my knitting project and soon enough Lynn and Sandra turned up! We had a lovely afternoon chatting, knitting, drinking tea and laughing at the chickens. I took home a couple of pieces of Bakewell tart for Mr Crafts and myself along with two tins of cherryade. I had hoped we could sit in the garden with our cake and drinks and enjoy the sunshine; however there was a humungous swarm of flying ants all over the patio when I got home, not my idea of a pleasant afternoon with a cake and a drink! Instead we sat in the house with the fan on and windows shut, no ants in here, thank you so very much!

After dinner I finished painting Phoebe and did a few more rows of knitting.

This is so long now!

Saturday 24th August

A trip down to Essex to visit Mr Crafts’ Family meant time for me to knit in the car! As there were traffic jams all the way there I had plenty of time to knit! I am now on the final ball of yarn! That means I will be able to start another project soon, and I already have five lined up ready to go!

Sunday 25th August

With two more days of the weekend ahead I made a start on a scrap book! I am making a scrap book of a friends weddings (on in the UK and one in South Africa), so far I have finished pages for the church ceremony in the UK and the dinner and speeches from the UK. I still have the evening reception pages to do for the UK before I make a start on the South Africa pages.

One of the UK Wedding pages

I absolutely love making scrap books, it’s so lovely to look through all of the memories you have collected and to turn them into something beautiful, rather than keeping your photos on your phone or PC and never looking at them! Plus I get to use beautiful papers and embellishments. In fact writing about it is making me want to start scrapping right now! I love to look through old photos and scrap books and I hope our friends will enjoy looking through their wedding scrap book too!

Monday 26th August (Bank Holiday!)

How cute is this pig!

Wow, was it hot! I had some errands to run in the morning so I popped out to Rushden lakes. I needed to get some Ricorumi crochet yarn from Hobbycraft to test a pattern and I also needed a black t shirt for some up-coming Settler’s events. I was amazed at the lack of traffic on the road and the lack of shoppers at Rushden Lakes! I expected to have difficulty parking but I got a space straight away. I picked up all the bits I needed and headed back to my car, performing a good deed for the day as I went. A lady was driving rather fast in the car park, not looking where she was going. Someone else was reversing out of a car parking space and couldn’t see her. I put my hand out and told the lady in a hurry to stop, she looked slightly bewildered until I pointed out the other vehicle she had very nearly hit! At which point she turned a rather fetching shade of red and mumbled some thanks out of her window. I made sure to look very carefully behind me when I reversed out of my car parking space!

He has so many looks

At home I made a start on a new crochet project. I have been lucky enough to be asked to test a crochet pattern for Beardie and Blondie Crafts! I spent the afternoon making up my little Poogie, who is unbelievably cute! I can see a few more of those being made! I sent some photos and some feedback on the pattern off in the evening. I was so impressed with the instructions on how to put the face on my Poogie. Some of you may know I am not the best at embroidery or faces or embroidering faces, but the face on my Poogie actually looks good! I believe the pattern for Poogie will be released next weekend, so make sure to follow Beardie and Blondie on social media to find out more!

That’s all for now; if you made it this far, congratulations. Give yourself a gold star. As a reward for all your hard work, next week’s instalment will be shorter!


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