The Craft Journal: 5th August

The Beach at Storms River Mouth National Park
South Africa

Hello Crafters!

Last week was a bumper week of activity on the blog. Along with our regular posts there were a few added extras, including the first ever George Crafts cutting files! More items have been added to the Folksy Shop and preparations for the up-coming craft fair began. There’s a lot to unpack here so we had best get started.

Monday 5th August

As always the week starts with our round up of crafty activities in The Craft Journal, if you missed last week’s entry you can catch up with it here. After writing the blog post I spent some time planning the activity on the blog for the coming week.

Why do I do these things?

After my new crochet hooks were delivered at the weekend it became apparent that I needed a new place to store all of my hooks, as the current solution was a bit too small. I had an idea that I might make a storage pouch. For those of you that know me, you will know I don’t profess to be a skilled “sew-ist”, so what quite possessed me to this this was a good idea we will never know. Anyway I had planned to make this pouch later on in the week, however before I had time to change my mind the sewing machine was out and the pouch was made.

Tuesday 6th August

All you ever wanted to know about heraldry but were too afraid to ask…

Next month is our Meet the Settler’s event at Stanwick Lakes (22nd September). As part of this we are going to run a design your own coat of arms workshop for the children. There will be card cut outs of shapes for the children to assemble on a shield shaped background. There will also be an information board all about heraldry. To prepare for this I researched heraldry, what colours were traditionally used and what different beasts and emblems represent etc.

In the afternoon I designed my first ever cutting files! I used my laptop to design a set of .svg files (scalable vector graphic), which can be used on electronic cutting machines such as the Scan ‘n’ Cut. The files include a lion, badger, castle, axe, crown and dragon among other things. They took quite a long time to draw out but I am very pleased with them. If you would like to download them for use on your cutting machine, you can do that here.

Wednesday 7th August

Some of my first ever cutting files

A few final tweaks to the cutting files and they were ready to be tested. I cut out all of the shapes and made tow samples to take to the planning meetings. I really was so pleased with the files, to see something that I had drawn be cut out perfectly by machine and appear exactly as my original drawings was amazing! If someone told me I would be able to make my own cutting files of a dragon six months ago I would have laughed at them!

After the success of my heraldry project I filmed this week’s art journaling prompt. This week we talked about making a self-portrait with a difference. When we think of a portrait we think of a picture of someone face, of their appearance. The portraits in our art journals this week are about what makes us who we are, what is on the inside and not what we look like. If you would like to have a go at this, or would like to see the video, you will find it here.

Thursday 8th August

I suppose I could have made it a little smaller

With a trip to the USA coming up in October and lots of things to do on the wish list, I decided it was time to start planning. I printed off a map of California from the Google and traced it onto a large piece of paper. I added the large towns and national parks as well as a couple of places I know that we want to go. Then in each town I have added a list of activities in each place that we would like to do. There is still a lot of planning left to do and I’m sure the map is going to look a lot busier by the time I’ve finished!

In the afternoon I started work on a new series of Harry Potter videos. This series is for the crochet Harry kit. If you would like to watch the first video in the series you can see it here. These videos will be a little different to the Hedwig videos in that I am not going to make a video for each individual piece of the pattern, instead there will be a video for all the parts working in the round, another video for all the parts worked in rows and a final part for making up the doll and adding embroidery. In each video I will explain all the principles needed to understand the instructions, including stitches and how to read the pattern. The first video covers making all the pieces that are worked in the round.

Friday 9th August

The morning was spent having a good tidy up, followed by some polishing and hoovering. The afternoon was spent in the company of the woolly workers over at Scotch Lodge Farm and Craft Shop. I worked on my third (and for a little while final) sunset arches shawl and had a delicious lunch of egg mayo sandwich and Bakewell slice. Well, I had earned it after all of the housework I had done!

In the evening I made some earrings. I have wanted to make something purely from seed beads for a while now, but never really got around to it, and I didn’t really know what I wanted to make. Anyway, inspiration struck me and I make a pair of lime green and yellow earrings that are super funky and colourful. They were a hit on social media and so I listed them in the Folksy shop! The earrings were great fun to make and I experimented with a few other designs.

Saturday 10th August

Mr Crafts went to visit a friend from School and mum came to visit to start pricing up all of the things she has made for the upcoming craft fair. Mum has made a myriad of quilted goodies, including placemats, coasters, knitting needle rolls and cushions, which are now stored in my house ready for next Sunday. I gathered together all of the jewellery I have been making and started to price that up for my stall. I also looked at what display stands I have and I think I have enough without needing to order any more.

A pair for mother …

The nice man from Amazon came and delivered me some supplies at around lunchtime, including acrylic paints, canvas paper, brushes and masking tape. Then Mum and I went for lunch at Rushden Lakes.

As every crafter knows, when you have a delivery of crafty goodness you have to use it! Those are the rules and they must be obeyed. I decided on what I wanted to paint and started working on a beach scene From Storms River Mouth National Park in South Africa. In the meantime the internet went down, no problem I was too busy painting to notice.

I finished my painting and the internet was still down, so I got out the seed beads and made a pair of Chevron earrings in purple and orange for mum (having shown her the green chevron earrings earlier in the day). I attempted to send a picture of the earrings to mum, but with no wifi and terrible mobile signal this was not to be.

Sunday 11th August

Still no internet in the Crafts household, so I persuaded Mr Crafts to do some crafting with me. He decided he wanted to have a go at painting so out came the acrylics once more. As Mr Crafts decided he wanted to paint a beach scene, again from South Africa and I decided I would paint a hillside scene. Having no phot to copy from this time I was fairly happy with how most of the painting came out. I had added in a wooden signpost to the foreground of the picture, but with the hill in the background being so dark it was difficult to see. I managed to correct this by lightening up the sign so the contrast with the hill was greater.

Finally the internet was restored so I listed the green chevron earrings in the Folksy store and watched a film before bed.

That’s all for now crafters. This week, watch out for some more art journaling, some jewellery making videos and of course preparations for the craft fair this Sunday!


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