The Craft Journal – July 29th

I have a shop!

Once again Monday is here and last week is something of a blur. I feel like I have been pretty busy, but doing what I am not quite sure! Hopefully I can piece things together for this week’s entry in The Craft Journal.

Monday 29th July

As usual last week started with an entry to The Craft Journal, which you can read here. I did a lot of adulting and cancelled a lot (A LOT) of direct debits that I no longer needed. I also opened up a Folksy shop.  I have three items in the shop right now as I am testing the waters, if you would like to visit the shop click here.

Page 1 of the collage

Aside from all the busy adulting and shop building I made a collage about the sea, mostly because I wanted to. I used magazine clippings left over from the Crafternoon and picked out images with water, marine life or blue/green colours and built them into a collage which spread over two pages in my art journal. I’m pretty happy with the results, I love the sea and marine life, unfortunately I get quite sea sick so a career in marine biology may not be the direction to go in.

Super proud of this!

Tuesday 30th July

I had an early trip to Scotch Lodge Farm and Craft Shop this week. There had been a Settler’s meeting planned for Tuesday which had to be cancelled. So I snapped up the opportunity to go to an acrylic painting workshop at the farm.

We learned how to paint a beach scene in acrylics on canvas with expert guidance from Sandra Costello. I have never been much of a painter but I really enjoyed myself and I am thrilled with the finished painting! I honestly never thought I would be able to paint anything like this before I went to the class. If you would like to read my review of the workshop you can find it here.

Page one of the mixed media collage

Wednesday 31st July

On Wednesdays, we journal. This week I wanted to share some ideas about creating a collage, the idea came from my preparations for the Crafternoon. However having been to the painting workshop the day before I also wanted to incorporate some of the painting techniques I had learned into the collage. My collage was themed on self-care and things I wanted to do for myself.

This week’s post came with a video prompt, in which I show you how to make a graduated background with acrylic paints before building up the collage. If you would like to see last week’s video prompt or the blog post, please click here.

In the evening I finished the first of multiple crochet projects that I have begun. I did a few rows of the Dune blanket and worked on finishing a sunset arches shawl, which unfortunately I can’t share any pictures of right now because it is a present for someone!

I did do some work on this scarf, one day I will finish it.

Thursday 1st August

A day of crochet, I finished off the sunset arches shawl in the morning. I debated doing some more of the Dune blanket, starting the next sunset arches shawl or starting an amigurumi project. While I had told myself I would get some unfinished projects completed the amigurumi project needed finishing by the end of the month and the remaining projects are all needed for Christmas time.

Yes, I started yet another crochet project. This one is at least a small project. I started to make an “Oddish”, a small Pokémon.  The pattern is available for free from Loopy Catherine’s blog. There are several projects on the blog which I will no doubt be making more of! To make Oddish you will need a 2 mm crochet hook, toy stuffing, Stylcraft Special DL (Denim, Kelly Green and Pistachio) and the pattern. I managed to get the body legs and part of one of the leaves made before bedtime.

A wild Oddish appears

Friday 2nd August

I had a lovely afternoon at Scotch Lodge with the Woolly Workers. There were lots of us there this week and it was great to catch up with everyone. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to complete the Oddish or carry on with the Dune blanket so I took both with me. I ended up making more Oddish leaves.

I finished a few more leaves at home and put the finished pieces all together! I am reliably informed by Mr Crafts that the finished Oddish is a great representation of the “real thing”. I wanted to spend the evening working on the Dune blanket, but I couldn’t find my 4.5mm crochet hook so I worked on a scarf I started months ago.

Bargin haul from John Lewis

Saturday 3rd August

We took a trip to Cambridge so Mr Crafts could have a good look around a board game shop. I was still unable to find my missing crochet hook so I hoped to find a cheap one in Cambridge, unfortunately I couldn’t so I ordered a set of new crochet hooks (for the same price as buying a single hook!) from Amazon.

However I did find some lovely yarn in the John Lewis sale. I found 15 balls of yarn, some of half of which were 100% wool, for £1 each! Bargain! I just have to find some projects to make now (yes, more).

My shiny new hooks, any the mischievous old one!

Sunday 4th August

With the Oddish finished I could get back on with making the shawls and the Dune blanket. The nice man from Amazon delivered my crochet hooks, so I had a good look at them and then put them away. I then promptly found my missing 4.5mm hook, in the same place I looked at least 5 times. Not to worry, at least I have a spare one now and the new hooks have lovely soft rubber grip on them too!

In the evening I made a start on the third sunset arches shawl. Although this is the last of the shawls planned right now, I am strongly suspicious that I will be making more of them before long!

That’s all for this week folks.

If you made it to the end of this, congratulations. You have survived Monday, only 4 days to go until the weekend!


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