The Craft Journal, 22nd July

I do love a squishy parcel!

Well crafters it is another lovely sunny day outside, and by sunny day I mean the sun is shining and the skies are blue and it is not swelteringly hot! Last week I had an awful lot of planning to do for the Crafternoon that I hosted over the weekend! So settle down with a snack and a drink and I will tell you all about it!

Monday 22nd July

After completing last week’s edition of The Craft Journal I had a lot of preparations to do! I spent most of the afternoon making up activity packs for the next day! Each pack

My sample activity pack

contained a square of card with five strips of double sided tape on one side and someone’s name on the other side, two cocktail sticks, a name label and a piece of baking paper with a name written on.

I had to use an alcohol maker to write the names on the baking paper as the ink in a regular marker wouldn’t have dried properly.

After all the activity packs were made up I set about cutting up funky foam into squares to be used with the activity packs.

Tuesday 23rd July

Set up in the barn ready to go

What an amazing day! We hosted an immersion day at Stanwick Lakes as part of the Settlers of the Nene Valley project.

The staff and service users from Bourne 2 Care came down to Stanwick Lakes for the day to learn all about the Romans. It was a blisteringly hot day and I was wearing my peasant costume so I was ridiculously hot!

In the morning we made lots of clay beads from air dry clay. Over lunch, half of the group walked down to the site of a Roman Villa while the rest of use ate our sandwiches. When the first group came back the second half of us went up to the site of the villa.

In the afternoon we all went to see the beautiful replica mosaic that the Setters have been working on. Once everyone’s sandwiches had gone down we made our own mosaics out of foam, card and double sided tape. Everyone’s beads were wrapped in the baking paper and sealed with name labels for them to take home before the guys and girls had some ice creams before going home!

When I drove home I had the air conditioning on full blast and I didn’t want to leave the car when I arrived home!  Eventually I went inside and the post man had delivered a lovely squishy parcel from wool warehouse! I immediately opened the parcel and started using the lovely yarn inside.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about what the yarn is going to become as I’m making some presents with it!

This week’s art journaling spread

Wednesday 24th July

I had another lovely day at Stanwick Lakes, this time planning lots of great activities for the upcoming Meet the Settler’s event coming up in September. Ally and I have lots of exciting things planned or the event and I think it is safe to say that we will be having lots of fun preparing for the event! If you want to come along and join in with the Meet the Settler’s event we would love to see you at Stanwick Lakes on 22nd September!

At home I started to plan for the Crafternoon. I started by gathering a few supplies for journaling with. While doing this I had a few ideas for upcoming art journaling posts, so watch this space! After spending a little time sorting out supplies I filmed the art journaling prompt for the week, which you can see here!

Just some of the magazine clippings that were collected for the crafternoon

Thursday 25th July

More preparation for the Crafternoon; sorting through old magazines to find things to make collages, finding yarn in my stash for crochet and shopping for cake ingredients were all done. It was so hot it was pretty much unbearable! Going shopping was somewhat of a relief since the supermarkets have air conditioning. Otherwise most of the day was spent trying not to sweat to death! Once the sun had gone down it was cooler outside than in the house so I sat outside with Mr Crafts until around 12 o’ clock at night!

The chickens of Scotch Lodge

Friday 26th July

Just one day to go until the Crafternoon! I had baking to do and some final preparations so I decided I would go to woolly workers in the morning and come home early so I could bake cupcakes and brownies.

I made some good progress on some of the presents I am making, although I realised I did not order enough yarn, so the first job to do when I got home was to order another squishy parcel from wool warehouse.

After that I got on with the baking. I baked the cupcakes first, they seemed to go well enough, when I left them to cool on the side I made the brownies. The cupcakes actually turned out to be a complete flop! They recipe called for fresh strawberries in the batter, which when put in the oven turned to complete mush! Meaning my cakes were complete mush! At least the brownies turned out well!

After the baking I was shattered, but I managed to get all the balloons hung up, gathered more magazine clippings and started to wind mini balls of yarn for the next day.

Journaling in full swing at the Crafternoon

Saturday 27th July

The crafternoon was a great success! We had guess how many sweets in the jar, a raffle, cakes and of course crafting! Everyone had a go at crochet and journaling! Including money from the just giving page we raised £124.10 for Mind, the mental health charity, which is enough to send someone to a ten week wellbeing course! Everyone had a great time and I am so pleased with how much money was raised! If you would like to donate to Mind you can do so here.

One of the pages in Mr Crafts’ scrapbook

Sunday 28th July

After a bumper week of planning, meetings, preparing and crafting I had a lie in which I would say was well deserved!

I spent the whole day scrap booking and I managed to finish the scrapbook of Mr Crafts’ graduation day.

So that leaves me with a scrap book for some friends (of their wedding) and a scrapbook of our South African holiday  to do before heading off on another holiday of a lifetime in October which will no doubt be scrap booked as well!

Have a fabulous week crafters!


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