The Craft Journal: 15th July

The very snuggly, Senset Arches Shawl

Hello Crafty Friends!

Last week seems really far away! I seem to have started so many crochet projects in the last seven days I can hardly keep up with myself! The highlight of these projects has to be the Sunset Arches Shawl, which I managed to start and finish in three days, more on that later! There’s a lot for me to look forward to this week and I can’t wait to share it with all of you, but for now we’ll round up the picks of last week’s best content.

You could win this bracelet, just enter our Facebook prize draw!

Monday 15th July

Last week I launched a prize draw on our Facebook page (@georgecraftsblog) to win the eyepin bracelet made in the previous week’s tutorial video. The draw will happen on 27th of July, so there is still time to enter! All you need to do is comment on the competition post to enter! Head over there now to enter if you haven’t already!

As well as this I coloured some Stacie Swift postcards from The Blurt Box (check out Stacie’s Instagram here, and The Blurt Foundation here) and posted them out to Germany and Belarus as part of the Postcrossing Project, along with a few other picture postcards from my stash!

I also filmed some more content for the Harry Potter knit your own hat series of videos which you can watch here; and of course I posted last week’s instalment of The Craft Journal.

This particular postcard is heading to Germany

Tuesday 16th July

I finished knitting that damn hat, which meant I also finished filming for the video series. I was so happy to have finished knitting the hat. I don’t think I have ever been so bored making a craft project as I have been making that hat! I just couldn’t bring myself to edit the footage and upload it to the YouTube channel on Tuesday so I did more postcard colouring instead!

Celebrate the small stuff with us!

Wednesday 17th July

My first job was to edit and upload the final hat video, which you can watch here. I also wrote a (damning) review of the kit which you can read here.

After that I had the enjoyable task of writing this week’s art journaling post. You can see the post here, there is also a video prompt to help you this week.  Since finishing the achievement challenge I have really missed documenting my small wins throughout the week, so I wanted to share a new layout with you which will help us celebrate the little wins we have each day!

I also started a new crochet project. (I know, I know another one, yes.) I have wanted to make something for myself for a while and I don’t know why but I really wanted to make a shawl. A while back I downloaded a pattern from Ravelry to make the Moonlit arches shawl, but I didn’t realise I needed more than on ball of Shawl in a Ball, so I never made it.

I have so much yarn in my stash and I really need to use some of it up.  I looked at the pattern again and discovered that there was a similar pattern for Aran weight yarn, of which I had three balls of 400g not yet started in my stash. Perfect, I will definitely have enough to make this shawl!

I got started straight away. The pattern is a really lovely one to make up, nice and simple and it makes up very quickly! If you would like to have a go at the shawl for yourself you will find the pattern here. If you don’t have a Ravelry account you can create one for free. The pattern itself is also free! Good news all round.

This pattern is easy and fun to make!

Thursday 19th July:

Having started making the Sunset Arches shawl the day before, I was already obsessed with the pattern. I spent the whole day finishing the project and I’m not even sorry! My shawl is super snuggly and warm. I shared some photos of the shawl on social media and it went down very well! I love it, but I think I will have to keep a close eye on it as it could find it’s way to mum’s house if I’m not careful!

Friday 20th July

I finished the dog blanket! Hooray!

Having finished the shawl I was at a loss as to what project to take to Woolly Workers. Yes, even with all the works in progress I have started, that are currently waiting to be finished! (I know, I have a problem. No I won’t stop.) So I trawled Ravelry for a new project, so many choices, I couldn’t decide. Eventually I settled on a baby pattern, I printed it out and took it with me along with a few other projects. When I got to Scotch Lodge none of the Woolly Workers were there! I was all alone. So I decided I would be really good and finish the dog blanket for Irish Retriever Rescue (that I started in March…).

After a while Lyn and Sandra arrived, hooray! Lyn is working on a lovely crochet blanket and Sandra has been making some lovely items for the WI Christmas Craft Fair. I finally finished my dog blanket and celebrated with a delicious home-made scone! I even crocheted a few lines of a scarf I had been making. No new projects started for me, no, I was disciplined!

The Flora Shawl, goes great with cornflakes

Then I got home and blew it, I have started another shawl. This one is the Flora shawl by Carmen Heffernan. You can check out her Instagram account here. I love Carmen’s designs and I have followed her account for a while. When I checked out the pattern on Ravelry I noticed that she had also written some designs for one of my favourite pattern books, Boho Crochet!

Anyway, the Flora shawl is a lightweight asymmetrical one and I am using some four ply cotton that I picked up in South Africa. It’s looking very pretty so far! If you would like to have a go at the Flora shawl for yourself, you will find the pattern here along with some more of Carmen’s designs.   

Alcohol inks are a lot of fun!

Saturday 20th July

For Mr Crafts’ Birthday (back in April) I bought him tickets to see Avenue Q in Nottingham. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Avenue Q, it is like an adult version of Sesame Street. Very naughty and very funny, with a lot of catchy songs that you most definitely would not sing in polite company! Mr Crafts drove to Nottingham, and I drove back. Meaning I had a couple of hours in the car to work on my Flora shawl.

In the evening I had a play with some of my alcohol inks. Someone had asked me to make a card for their brother’s 50th birthday, so I went to town on the mixed media. I used alcohol inks, distress inks and embossing powder to make a shaker card! I hope that the recipient likes it!

You can never have too much yarn

Sunday 21st July

Another busy day for me and Mr Crafts, this time we had an afternoon tea to go to at my cousin’s house. The event was raising money for Breast Cancer Care, there were lovely cakes and my cousin raised nearly £300, which is amazing! Mr Crafts drove so I had another couple of hours working on my Flora shawl. When we got home I fully intended to work on some more of Mr Crafts’ scrap book. Instead I reorganised my yarn stash and managed to fall asleep for a short power nap…that lasted six hours. Epic fail there, so I guess I will just have to work on the scrap book this week!

That’s all for this week crafters! Have a lovely week and I look forward to sharing more crafty tales with you next Monday!


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