The Craft Journal – July 1st

Hello Crafters!

A prize for Irish Retriever Rescue

Welcome to another week! It’s time for a round-up of the crafty goings on, and it has been another busy week! I hope you have all been able to go out and enjoy the sunshine last week, I was hoping to spend Saturday outside filming, but the weather had other plan, more about that later. Let’s get stuck into the good stuff!

Monday 1st July

I tackled Monday head on! I posted last week’s Craft Journal, set up a Facebook event for a Mind Crafternoon, created a Just Giving page and made some jewellery. I am inviting friends and family to my house for a Crafternoon to learn all bout crochet, journaling and jewellery making. We are hoping to make some money for the mental health Mind so there will be a raffle and a sweepstake as well as a few other things! If you want to host your own Crafternoon you can find out more here.

Some of the jewellery I made will be a prize on the raffle for the Crafternoon. I also made some Jewellery for Scotch Lodge who will be hosting International Lace Day on Sunday. They will be running a tombola to raise money for Irish Retriever Rescue and I have donated the jewellery as a prize. I hope whoever wins the jewellery enjoys wearing it!

Tuesday 2nd July

Up-cycle your own pencil storage

Tuesday was a very productive day. I published a new project on the blog, some up cycling. Here we have used the inside of a ball of yarn and some mod podge to make a pencil pot. If you want to see how to make your own upcycled pencil pot you can watch the video here.

As well as this, I had a meeting at Stanwick Lakes to talk about lots of exciting things. We are going to be hosting a few events with the Settlers of the Nene Valley project in the coming months so there is a lot of planning happening right now and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I also dropped off the resin necklaces at Stanwick Lakes on Tuesday that had been made as part of the craft café last month.

Wednesday 3rd July

Make your own sunshine with our art journaling prompt

Wednesday is art journaling day here at George Crafts so I published this week’s journaling prompt, which you can see here. The prompt this week was about making our own sunshine, finding the little positives in each day to help us have a more positive outlook on life.

I also started working on some new digital artwork for a paper crafting collection. The next collection is going to be based on flowers from the Ancestral Garden at Stanwick Lakes, so I hope you are all looking forward to seeing it. In the evening I packed up a whole lot of things for a car boot sale. I have had a whole bunch of things behind my sofa for longer than I care to mention that I needed out of the house! This was the week I would be finally free from the tat/tut (depending on which part of the UK you are from!).

One of the makes that inspired a new jewellery project for the blog

Thursday 4th July

Thursday was the day of the car boot sale. It was so hot! I picked entirely the wrong colour top to wear for standing in a field, yellow. The flies loved my top. It was so bad that I actually had to take a top off of the sale table and change because the flies would not leave me alone!  Flies aside the boot sale went very well, I only had one box of stuff left by the time I was ready to go home. I dropped that off at the charity shop on the way home.

After a cold drink and an ice lolly I did a little more on my digital art work and made some more jewellery. I came up with an idea for a new project for the blog which I hope to bring to you next week!

Friday 5th July

I cannot wait for this hat to be finished

Friday was a beautiful sunny day. I went off to woolly workers for the afternoon. I had a lovely piece of cake, delicious egg mayo sandwich and I took the Harry Potter knit your own hat kit with me.

Goodness me, how I have been irritated by this hat. The pattern for the hat has been so tedious.  Knit one purl one rib for 16 cm has to be the dullest piece of knitting in the universe. I almost gave up.

I have to say a special thank you to Hillary who took pity on me when I managed to reverse the knit and purl stitches (probably because the continuous rib had slowly driven me insane) and unpicked the last row I had done and fixed the mess for me.  I was all for leaving the mistake and moving on to the next bit of the hat at this point because I was so sick of this blasted rib! However the rib finally got finished and this meant that I could film the next video for the hat series! If you would like to see that video, you can watch it here.

Saturday 6th July

Mr Crafts photos are no longer in an old shoe box

Well, I had planned some filming outdoors for Saturday for next week’s art journaling post. I had even bought picnic supplies the night before from the supermarket. Well, it rained.

No outside filming for me it seemed. So instead I did some crafting.

First off I made some scrap book pages for Mr Crafts with some of his old photos, then I decided I would make a start on some scrap book pages from our holiday in Disneyland Paris. We went to Disney for Christmas 2017, so this scrap book has been a long time coming!

Sunday 7th July

Glorious sunshine in Skipton

Sunday was a lovely sunny day. I drove up to Skipton in Yorkshire to see some of our friends. We had lunch and went on a boat ride on the Leeds – Liverpool Canal. I picked up some more postcards to add to my post crossing stash and we all had a Chinese take away for tea before driving home.

At home I decided I would do a few more pages of our Disney scrap book!

That’s all from me this week. I hope you had an entertaining read! Keep your eyes open for some more projects on the blog this week!



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