The Craft Journal: Week of June 17th

Hello Crafters!

A week of ups and downs.

It’s been a roller coaster of a week. I started well had a wobble in the middle and came out the other side of last week kicking and screaming. If you want to find out more read on! Be advised, I did take out my sewing machine. I did some actual sewing. I made an actual thing. I will not be doing it again in a hurry!

Monday 17th June

A super productive day! I did all my planning and my food shop. I made a trip to the post office to post some post cards for post crossing and I got a video filmed.

Follow the video tutorial to make this card!

Last weekend I made some cards with some Dawn Bibby stamps. I really enjoyed myself and thought you would enjoy making it too! So I put together a little video tutorial for you, you can watch that here.

I also (at long last) wrote up the pattern for the shawl I made from my Shawl in a Ball from Lion Brand. This is the shawl I made on holiday in April! If you would like to download the pattern, you can do that here for free!

What really put the cherry on the cake for Monday was that Dawn Bibby herself saw my card making video on Instagram and shared it to her story! How exciting was that!

Tuesday 18th June

Page one of my green collage

Tuesday was another productive day at craft headquarters; I filmed, edited and uploaded three videos to our YouTube channel. These videos compliment the shawl pattern. There are videos on how to start the shawl (click here), how to make crochet clusters (click here) and how to make a tassel (click here).

Page two of my green collage

After making the videos, I prepared the art journaling post for this week. A day early I know, however I was going out on Wednesday so I wouldn’t be able to publish the post on the day. The art journaling post this week was all about how restrictions and limitations can help our creativity grow, rather than stifle it.

I have challenged the art journalists to make a themed collage! If you have had a go at this I would love to see pictures! If you would like to read the art journaling post, click here.

Wednesday 19th June

Journaling the day in Cambridge

Wednesday was a great day. I met Sheryl (Mr Crafts’ mum) at the park and ride in Cambridge. We rode the bus into town and started a treasure trail around the city! We saw so many beautiful buildings, found a great shop for future Christmas shopping, had a delicious lunch and solved the treasure trail. It was actually a graduation day for the University of Cambridge and we saw lots of students and academics in their robes which was lovely. I also got some post cards to send out post crossing in the future.

Thursday 20th June

Art journaling is a brilliant way to record a day trip

Today was not an awesome day. I woke up late, couldn’t find my keys and as such missed a meeting at Stanwick Lakes. In the afternoon I had a phone appointment which I was not particularly looking forward too.

I did however have time to do some journaling of my day out in Cambridge, as Sheryl and I had done a treasure trail, I themed the spread on pirates and treasure maps.

One of my post crossing cards had arrived and so I got another address to send a card to. I chose one of the cards I had bought in Cambridge and wrote out my message. In the evening I worked on the rib of the Harry Potter hat kit so I could work towards making the next in a series of how to videos for the kit. If you want to see the first video in the Harry Potter hat series click here.

Thursday’s phone appointment had disastrous consequences for my crafting mojo

Friday 21st June

I spent Friday afternoon with the woolly workers. I managed to get a good way into the rib of the hat. Being knit one purl one for approximately 16 cm, the rib is quite laborious! By the end of the afternoon I must have gotten at least 10 cm of rib done.

In the evening I wanted to do some jewellery making, but by the time I had gotten all of the beads out I had lost my crafting mojo so I just made two very simple necklaces out of glass pearls which I will give to my nan for Christmas.

Saturday 22nd June

I think I make a pretty good generic peasant

Well, today was the day to dust of the sewing machine. I spent the entire day making a costume for an upcoming event at Stanwick Lakes. As the Settler’s project spans the last 5000 years of history, I have aimed for a generic peasant sort of look. Hopefully this will cover all time periods, e.g. Roman peasant, medieval peasant, Viking peasant etc.

I made the costume in two pieces, a top and skirt, and then joined the two pieces. The top pat was made with one piece of fabric folded over with a whole for my head cut in the top and the two sides closed up. The skirt was made of four panels and amazingly the top of the skirt and the bottom of the top were both the same size! Then I put the right side of the top and skirt together and stitched the two parts together to make a dress! It actually fit! I am so impressed with myself, I really am not a skilled sewer/dressmaker/seamstress by any means so I can’t quite believe I pulled this off!

Sunday 23rd June

Another photo from my green collage

Sunday has not gone well. I really haven’t managed to get a lot done. I managed to finish my head covering for my settlers costume but otherwise not a lot in the way of crafting has happened. I have however attempted to deal with a few personal things. So let’s hope things can only get better!

That’s all for now,

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