The Craft Journal: June 10th

Hello Lovely Crafters!

It’s another Monday, which means it’s time for another weekly round up in The Craft Journal! Last week was a busy week for me, so much so I forgot that I was supposed to be writing the craft journal throughout the week (whoops)! I best get to work!

A completed journal spread

Monday 10th June

Altenew’s Rose Spray

I had a brilliant start to my week. I got all of my planning done and I posted last week’s craft journal (which I had diligently been completing on a daily basis). Following this I wrote and uploaded two reviews; one for my Altenew Layering Stamps and Inks which you can read here; and another for my coordinating stamps and dies from The Thirsty Brush & Co, which you can read here.

I also managed to get some footage edited from the previous week and got an unboxing video uploaded for a Tim Holtz alcohol ink set. You can watch that video here

Tuesday 11th June

Today was another busy day. I finally finished my Hedwig crochet project, filmed the final parts of the tutorials and got the footage edited and uploaded to YouTube. There is now an entire playlist of videos on making the Hedwig crochet kit from Aldi. You can find all the videos on that playlist here.

I hope I can pull this off!

In the evening Mr Crafts and I went to Stanwick Lakes for a talk on the Ancestral Garden. When I got home I did some writing in my art journal and started to design a costume for a Settler’s Event. I have to say, the costume idea may be a bit beyond my skill! I have a sewing machine, I can thread it, I can sew straight lines. That is the extent of my sewing abilities.  

I think when I make the costume I will have to sit down and be prepared for it to take all day, take my time and do it properly. I had tried to make it a little easier on myself by keeping all of the seams as straight lines! No doubt you will hear all about my sewing exploits.

Wednesday 12th June

My first post crossing cards

Thanks to social media, I discovered something new (to me!), post crossing! I have been collecting post cards for around 6 years. It started out collecting a post card from every place Mr Crafts and I visited on holiday. Then people sent post cards to us, etc.

So far we have three noticeboards up on the walls where we keep our post cards, post cards in scrap books and even in journals. Post crossing is a way of sending and receiving postcards from all over the world. On Wednesday I posted my first five post cards! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait for the people to receive the cards I sent!

Otherwise on Wednesday I worked on a new art journaling post, which you can read here. This week’s journaling post is all about celebrating the small stuff. The idea is to think of a small win you have had that day and pat yourself on the back, rather than worry about all of the things we still have left to do! I am sharing my small wins on social media with the hash tag #achievementchallenge and I would love it if you would join in too! Check out the art journaling post linked above to find out how.

Thursday 13th June

One of my MDF plaques

Thursday was an exciting day! I filmed, edited and uploaded two videos for the YouTube channel. One video is a jewellery making project, which you can watch here. The second video was the first video of the knit your own hat kits from Harry Potter and Aldi, which you can see here.

I also got a crafty delivery of gorgeousness! I got a delivery of lovely dies, stamps, MDF, stencils and mixed media products. I immediately started playing with them. I made two plaques from MDF shapes, a small square canvas and then I assembled a beautiful MDF storage caddy which I painted with white gesso. All of the products were from craft buddy, either from the Pretty gets Gritty range or from Dawn Bibby Creations.

Friday 14th June

I have declared crafting Christmas!

I had a lovely day finishing my storage Caddy. I decorated it with a seaside theme! I love it and I plan to use it to organise my post crossing supplies! Completing it was definitely a labour of love, and I enjoyed every minute of it! After finishing the caddy I made another MDF plaque, this was my first piece of Christmas Crafting!

I cannot recommend Craft Buddy enough. I have only recently been introduced to Craft Buddy, but I have to say the quality of the products is fantastic. The MDF shapes are high quality and come out from the carrier sheets easily without breaking. The stamps give wonderfully clear prints and are thick enough and of high enough quality to use in mixed media. The most delicate of paper cuts comes out of the dies without the need of a pokey tool. If you want to give Craft Buddy a try, please do! You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday 15th June

Playing with my new stamps

My Mum came over for the day. We went over to Coleman’s Craft Warehouse. Mum is a quilter and she wanted to have a look at fabric, she has never been to Coleman’s before, I think she enjoyed her visit!

I picked up yet more Craft Buddy supplies, along with a few other bits and pieces, most of which were in the sale!

One of the vintage post cards, going to Taiwan!

We had lunch at Scotch Lodge Farm (as I hadn’t gone to Woolly Workers on Friday) at which point i discovered two of my postcards had been received! One to Germany and one to Switzerland. That means I can post two more cards on Monday when the post office opens! Scotch Lodge has a range of vintage postcards available, so I bought a few to keep for the next person that likes vintage/British/transport style post cards!

After mum went home I played with my new stamps and made a couple of cards.

Sunday 16th June (Father’s Day in the UK)

My beautiful storage caddy from Craft Buddy

Mr Crafts was meant to take a taxi to Heathrow so he could take a work trip to Salt Lake City. However his taxi never showed! So I had a lovely drive down to Heathrow and back this morning before Dad came over. Dad also has a lamp that he wanted me to paint. I plan on unleashing the full force of my Pretty gets Gritty supplies on it! Don’t worry I will share the results of my upcycling with you all!

Aside from the drama I sent off an application to join the design team at Craft Buddy! I sent them photos of my caddy, two of the MDF plaques and two of the cards I made. I really hope they like them!

In the evening I helped a lady with her crochet project who had contacted me via the YouTube Channel. I really do love helping you guys with your projects, so if there is something you want me to demo or explain get in touch and let me know!

That’s all for now!

Make sure to share your small wins this week! They are in fact the most important wins of all!



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