The Craft Journal: Week of 3rd June

All set up to make resin jewellery at Stanwick Lakes!

Hi Everyone!

Monday signals the start of a new week and another instalment of my ramblings in The Craft Journal.

This week is the start of Christmas for crafters. It’s the time when we think about making all our cards and gifts for our family and friends. For those of us who sell our makes, it’s also the time we start making up all the lovely items to sell at craft fairs! So don’t be surprised if you start to see a few snowflakes creeping into our social media accounts!

Monday 3rd June

Monday is the day I plan. If Monday goes well, the rest of the week goes well. If Monday goes badly, the whole week is usually a complete hot mess. I really needed my Monday to be productive after last week! Honestly I felt like I was living on my very last nerve!

Unfortunately Monday did not go well. I had a few personal things to sort out, which took an awful lot longer than they should have done, leaving me only the evening to not only plan but to get anything done for the blog.

I managed to get the latest Hedwig tutorial video edited and uploaded to YouTube which was a positive (you can view that here). I attempted to make a plan for the week, and this was semi successful. I had a think about the art journaling post for this week, but I seemed to be having a bit of a mental block. I finally finished off the card samples for the Treasures of the Timbavati paper kit and I will upload the photos for these later in the week. (You can see those here!)

What could this be?

I spent the rest of the evening working on one of my many crochet projects. I don’t want to say too much about this now because I am in the middle of designing a new pattern for the blog!

The final thing I did on Monday was to tell myself I am going to start writing the entries for The Craft Journal on a day by day basis and not write it all in one go! (As it is Tuesday evening already, we will see how this goes!)

Tuesday 4th June

In the morning I wrote up a blog post to publicise the Craft Café which will be held on Friday this week at Stanwick Lakes. I am very excited about this. I am going to be running a mini workshop within the craft café, making resin jewellery with the visitors. I really hope they enjoy themselves and that they love using resin as much as I do. I am a tiny bit obsessed with it if I’m honest!

In the afternoon I had a meeting at Stanwick to talk about how things would run on Friday. I came home with plenty of mosaic tiles to cut for Friday!

At home I managed to get a project video filmed, edited and uploaded. The project is making stitch markers from shrink plastic. I used the Tonic Studios coordinating stamps and dies from the Adorables range, you can see the unboxing of these here.  I love making things from shrink plastic, I plan to make myself some earrings with the Adorables. If you want to see the project video, click here.

Wednesday 5th June

One of my journal pages

I finished tweaking a few bits and pieces on my art journal and prepped for filming the video and blog post. If you want to see the art journaling post, click here. I also prepped a card making project using stamps, dies and embossing folders and filmed a video for that, which you can watch here.

I also did some work on one of my many crochet projects and I actually finished all the pieces of the Hedwig crochet kit!

I had another dabble with some resin in the evening in preparation for the craft café on Friday.

Thursday 6th June

All the tiles ready to go for the resin jewellery workshop

Thursday was pretty quiet. I had some plans, but they all imploded. In the end the only craftiness that happened was preparing for the resin jewellery sessions in the craft café. I cut the mosaic tiles into smaller pieces and bought paper plates and cups for the crafters to work on.

Friday 7th June

In the morning I got to Stanwick Lakes at around 9.30 AM. I got myself set up for the workshop and then helped the other volunteers to prep for the mosaic making (the making of the replica). It was a great morning. Everyone who made resin jewellery seemed to enjoy it and we made some good progress on our replica! We will be holding more mosaic sessions as we want to get the replica made as soon as possible!

The replica is starting to take shape nicely!

In the afternoon I headed over to Scotch Lodge for Woolly Workers. I took one of my (many) works in progress to finish. However after a busy week I wasn’t really feeling in the mood for crochet. I voluntarily chose to sew in the ends of the project I brought with me, rather than doing any actual crochet, mostly because it was easy and I could do it without much concentration. It was really nice to just sit and chat with friends and have a delicious toastie!

At home I had planned to chill out and do my own thing, instead I found myself experimenting with glass beads and cotton cord. I have had some ideas for another Settler’s Jewellery project and I wanted to see if they were doable. I had a few attempts at making a bracelet with the cord and I was pretty happy with the result. I sent some photos to Becky and she loved the bracelet!

The results of my experimenting

After I finished with my beads I filmed an out of the box video. I had ordered some alcohol inks earlier in the week and they had arrived when I was out. Unfortunately the battery ran out in my camera towards the end of the video so Monday’s first job will be to edit the video with a few captions before getting it uploaded! If you want to see the video, complete with all its glorious captions, click here.

Saturday 8th June

A sneak peak inside the art journal

Another exciting piece of post for me today! I got my fund raising pack through from Mind. I signed up to receive my pack a few weeks ago so it was great to receive my pack through the post. It has all kinds of helpful information inside, including recipes for snacks and drinks and suggested project ideas, as well as balloons, a banner and bunting so you can decorate your space on the day!

Mind does a lot of wonderful work for people with mental health problems. If you would like to host your own crafternoon, you can find out more here.

For the rest of the day, I made a few cards with some of my Altenew and Tonic stamps and dies and then I started a journal layout in my art journal with a few old photos which had been on my wall in university.

Sunday 9th June

The work in progress is, progressing

We had a little road trip to Essex to see one of Mr Crafts’ school friends. I worked on a crochet project in the car and we had a great time playing some board games and chatting. When we got home I attempted to tidy up the table from all of the crafting. However I got distracted and ended up making a card with some of the stamps and dies from The Thirsty Brush.

That’s the end of this week’s instalment of The Craft Journal.  For those of you who were wondering, I made it all the way to Thursday with writing up each section day by day! I’m pretty impressed with myself for that!

Keep your eyes on the blog for the next art journaling prompt coming up on Wednesday.

Until then, Take care!


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