The Craft Journal: Week of 27th May

Does anyone actually enjoy sewing in their ends?


It looks as though summer has finally arrived, the sun is shining and lots of outdoor activities are on the horizon. It’s been another busy week here in the crafty house. So let’s get on with the show!

Monday 27th May

Having spent the Sunday night at Mr Crafts’ parents’ house we spent Monday afternoon driving home. This left me a little time to sew in the ends of my alternative dune, a task I was not looking forward to! So I made the most of being stuck

in the car. When we got home I had just enough time to write up last week’s craft journal (which you can read here) and film a little video for the art journaling series. I had to get my craft bag ready in the evening for a full on day of crafty planning at Stanwick Lakes on Tuesday

Tuesday 28th May

A brilliant and productive day at Stanwick Lakes; we started our meetings at around 10 AM, had a working lunch and finished around three in the afternoon. I did a little show case of the art journal and we are in the progress of planning some immersion days using the ancestral garden and barn to inspire our crafting/journaling. There were lots of other exciting ideas discussed and we can’t wait to get cracking with all of it.

However I now need to make myself a Viking inspired costume! I do love using my sewing machine, but I would not say I am a particularly skilled dress maker, so watch this space!

Wednesday 29th May

I’m trying to make Wednesday the regular slot for the art journaling series. I edited the footage I shot on Monday and wrote up the blog post for this week’s art journal post. (If you would like to read that or see the video, click here.) I had a lot of fun making the spread for the journal this week and a lot of people have told me that they want to give journaling a try, which makes me super happy!

I also made a trip to Dunelm to pick up some fabric for my Viking costume. I have four metres of fabric so I should be able to rustle something up!

I spent the evening on a new crochet project, as I really didn’t want to sew in the ends of my alternative dune! I also came to the realisation that I have a problem with starting new crochet projects. On Wednesday evening I had at least five different crochet projects started, ideas for at least four others and plans for lots more paper crafting, mixed media and jewellery projects besides. There are just not enough hours in the day!

I wonder if I will finish this before I start something new?

Thursday 30th May

I had a trip over to Peterborough to see my nan so there was not a lot of time for crafting. I did however manage to get another video uploaded to YouTube on making the Hedwig crochet kit from Aldi. If you would like to see this, click here.

For Christmas last year I made my Nan a string of pearls with a toggle clasp. She told me they were her favourites because she could do them up herself. She thought I had bought them from a shop (how very flattering) so I told her that I had made them and asked her if she wanted me to change the clasps on some of her other necklaces so she could wear them again. I ended up taking home 8 necklaces for a change of clasp, plus some strings of beads that she didn’t want any more  to be upcycled.

Safe to say that my Nan likes pearls

Friday 31st May

Hedwig has a tail!

Having been flying about like a thing possessed this week I was very happy to be going to Woolly Workers for the first time in what seems like forever! I had a lovely sandwich and piece of cake and I got all of my ends sewn in on my alternative dune blanket! I was very disciplined and made sure I took only my alternative dune blanket with me so I didn’t get distracted by all my other projects!

Home in the evening and I did more editing of Hedwig videos for YouTube which you can see here

Saturday 1st June

Mr Crafts was headed to London to see Muse with his sister so I drove over to Bourne to see my mum. It was a lovely sunny day so we were able to sit outside. I took my alternative dune with me and made a start on the boarder. (Note the increased motivation after all the ends were sewn in!)

Is it a bracelet or a necklace?!

I had a chat with my mum about holding an event to raise money for Mind the mental health charity. I want to host a crafternoon this year and I needed to decide what kind of things to do for it! It looks like there will be crochet, paper crafting and journaling, but watch this space!

When I got home I changed all the clasps on my Nan’s necklaces and restrung the beads she didn’t want any more. I managed to make two new necklaces from the beads which would otherwise have gone in the bin! One of the necklaces is very long so you can wrap it round to have two, or even three layers to the necklace, if you wanted you could even wrap it round your wrist as a bracelet!

Sunday 2nd June

I love the boarder on this blanket

I finished my alternative dune! Hurrah! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! The boarder is lovely (and nice and easy). I really enjoyed making it (apart from sewing in the ends!) and it has turned out to be very bright and cheerful, which is what I was hoping for! I will get it sent off this week and hopefully it will make my friend’s little boy very happy!

Having been itching to play with my new stamps and dies from tonic (check out the unboxing here) I got out the shrink plastic and coloured pencils and made myself some new stitch markers, which I then promptly used when I started another new crochet project. There really is no helping me.

Yet another project started

Take care


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