The Craft Journal: From 20th May

New things are coming!

Hello Crafters! I am finally starting to recover from my cold! I am still very much bunged up and I can’t hear a great deal, but otherwise I am pretty good.

Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. I had lots of ideas for the blog but I couldn’t pull them all off as I felt so poorly! That just means I have more crafty projects and tips for you this week!

Monday 20th May

Mr Crafts felt very sorry for me

I was feeling pretty poorly in the morning, so I sent Mr Crafts to the shops to pick up one of the newly released Harry Potter crafting kits from Aldi. I think he must have been feeling sorry for me as he came home with not one, but four kits. I am now the proud owner of kits to make a scarf, a hat, Hedwig and Harry. So that will keep me busy!

I sat down and made unboxing videos for all of the kits. If you would like to see these kits you will find them here.

I made sure to write up my entries for last week’s craft journal and retired to the sofa to work on the alternative dune blanket and sleep off the cold!

Tuesday 21st May

Unfortunately the cold had not improved! Half of me wanted to rest, the other half of me wanted to completely deny I was poorly and craft! As a result I didn’t really achieve a lot.

One of the pages in my art journal

I did manage to mess about with some stamps in my art journal. After playing a little with inks, stamps and watercolours, I planned out a few posts for our new regular feature on art journaling. If you want to read more about journaling, get some inspiration for filling up your own journal or learn how to make a journal from scrap paper you will find our first art journaling post here!

After I put away all of my stamps, I changed over the absorbent paper in the flower press. I haven’t taken the buttercups out of the press yet (Monday 27th) but the results were looking promising when I changed the paper.

Wednesday 22nd May

I had planned to make samples from the Timbavati Treasures paper crafting kit to put on the blog (if you want to download this paper crafting kit for free, you can do that here!) and to write the first of our art journaling blog posts! Technically I did do both of these things, but I got distracted…

Make your own scraps journal!

I made a few cards from the Timbavati kit, but then I noticed my pile of “scraps” was getting rather large. I had a flash of inspiration and decided it would be a great idea to make a notebook out of my scraps. I thought it would be an even better idea to film the process and put it on the blog! If you want to see how to make the notebook for yourself, click here. My card samples were abandoned and I made the first of two notebooks, to work out how to make it. Then I gathered my supplies and made the second notebook while filming it for the blog. After this I filmed two more videos.

The first video looks at the uses of journaling. The second video walks you through a prompt for an entry in your own journal. If you would like to see these videos, click here.  After all the videos were filmed, edited, uploaded to various platforms and the blogpost written and posted, it was very much past my bedtime!

One of my abandoned card samples!

Thursday 23rd May

The unboxing videos for the Harry Potter kits were incredibly popular on YouTube. Tone video has reached over 200 views in less than a week. This might not sound a lot to some people, but for me it’s huge! A lot of people asked me to make tutorial videos on how to make Hedwig. So I spent the day filming and editing videos for this. So far there are videos on making the head, body, eyes and beak of Hedwig. There will be videos for the tail, wings, feet and making up as well. These will come as soon as possible! If you would like to see any of the Hedwig videos, click here.

Friday 24th May

I really wanted to go to Woolly Workers this week so I could finish off the alternative dune blanket. But I was still not well enough. I could have gone but I really didn’t want to spread my cold around to other people! Instead I stayed at home and made more card samples for the blog!

Timbavati Treasures Toppers, all cut up and ready to go

Saturday 25th May

A beautiful female kudu

In the morning I made yet more card samples. Then I got a delivery of crafty goodies! The member’s gift from Create and Craft and some stamps and dies from Tonic Studios. If you would like to see the unboxing videos click here for the member’ s gift and here for the Tonic Studios dies and stamps.

I can’t wait to play with all my crafty goodies properly! I already have plans for my member’s gift! Keep your eyes on our art journaling pages for the time being!

Sunday 26th May

So. Many. Ends!

We went to visit Mr Crafts’ family. It was his mum’s birthday. The drive is just over an hour and a half so I took my alternative dune blanket to keep me occupied in the car. I actually managed to finish the main body of the blanket and started to weave in the ends. I can now see why people weave in the ends as they go alone! I feel like I’ve been sewing in ends for ages and made no progress! Anyway, it feels good to be moving on to the next stage of the blanket! I hope next week I can tell you that I finished it!

That’s all for now folks!

Remember if there is something you want me to feature on the blog, all you have to do is get in touch!



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