The Craft Journal: Week of 13th May

Ahh last Monday, a simpler time.  A time when my nose was not bright red and I didn’t have to breathe through my mouth. Fear not, fair readers, for I will battle through the pain of a chapped nose to bring you this, this week’s glorious instalment of The Craft Journal.

Working on background designs for the paper crafting kit

Monday 13th May

One of the toppers in the paper crafting kit

I began my morning by ordering all of the bits and pieces needed for the resin jewellery making for the up coming craft café on 07/06/19 at Stanwick Lakes.

Otherwise most of Monday was actually spent finishing off last week’s Craft Journal. (You can read that here.) Otherwise I was determined to get my South African paper crafting kit finished. So I worked on a few more of the toppers for the collection!

After that I had an evening with my alternative dune blanket.

Tuesday 14th May

Supplies for the craft cafe

The first of the resin jewellery supplies arrived in the morning and I finally finished my paper crafting collection! Whoop! I am very happy with the results and I can’t wait to make up some samples this week. If you want to see the kit you can download it here.

After this I worked on more of my alternative dune blanket! It has really started to grow in size now!

Wednesday 16th May

Today I worked on a video for a shrink plastic project. This video was a little different to the ones I normally make. I didn’t speak and I used a backing track. I also filmed it in several cuts, whereas I normally film my demos in one take. I did this because I wanted to make some “loop-able” content. This is the kind of content that goes viral on Instagram and YouTube. So I figured I’d give it a go. It was a major faff but it looked pretty cool. If you want to see the video you can watch it here.

Thursday 17th May

I tried to take things a little easy on Thursday as I was still feeling a bit “wobbly” (read moody, irritable and fed up!), so I started the morning with a bit of alternative dune, did some polishing, did a bit more of my alternative dune, hoovered up and then I got a delivery!

My lovely new stamps

I had ordered some layering stamps from Altenew, I have wanted to try these stamps for ages! I filmed what I had intended to be a quick unboxing video, but my equipment had other ideas. First the camera battery died; then my spotlight died! I had to do the unboxing in two takes! You can see the finished video here.

I also did a little demo with my new delivery and posted it on social media. You can see the demo video here. I spent the evening working on my alternative dune blanket again.

Friday 18th May

Today was a little different for me. I spent the day at Rockingham Castle volunteering at their horse trials. I was helping in the Burghley Young Event Horse Classes.

The lovely five year old event horses

I had been looking forward to doing this, and I woke up with a very scratchy throat on Friday morning. I tried to put it to the back of my mind and I told myself that this was only because I had gotten up earlier than usual. However as the day wore on I found my throat went from scratchy, to sore, to painful. Damn.

I got home and set myself up with my alternative dune, cough sweets and cherryade (because I like it, not because it’s helpful) and hoped that it was just a sore throat!

Saturday 19th May

It was not just a sore throat. I had developed a full blown cold. I felt awful. I planned a day of crafting but I failed miserably. I managed to make a card that had been commissioned and I did a few lines of the alternative dune. I was meant to be volunteering at Rockingham with Mr Crafts on Sunday. It was not looking likely. I wanted to see how I would feel in the morning, and fell asleep on the sofa.

The commissioned birthday card

Sunday 20th May

Well, I felt worse than awful. There was no way I was going to be able to stand at a crossing point on a cross country course all day. I was so disappointed. I really wanted to go. Mr Crafts still went, it sounds like he had a lovely day. I stayed in bed and got up around 11.

I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I went in the garden and picked some buttercups from the lawn and put them in the flower press. I decided I wanted to play with stamps. Earlier in the week I had a conversation about art journaling. It’s something I wanted to try, but my previous attempts had not gone all that well. In the past I have just ended up with a bunch of magazine clippings.

I had a little read about art journal and had a go myself. I quite enjoyed myself, it was nice to be creative without really having any boundaries or briefs to adhere to. I posted the pages on Instagram and I got a great response. So much so that I am hoping to bring art journaling to the blog!

I am really excited that we can all learn about it together! So Please, if you have any questions about art journaling, or if there is anything yo want to see, get in touch and let me know! I’ll be glad to include it in the series!

After my art journaling success, I decided to watch some trash TV, pet my guinea pigs and work on more of my alternative dune blanket. Mr Crafts came home around six and we had a take away for dinner. Again I managed to fall asleep on the sofa, hoping to feel better in the morning.

See you next week (hopefully I will be harbouring fewer germs!)


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