The Craft Journal, 06/05/19

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely (and creative) week! Last week was a busy one for me, I had meetings, filmed videos and unexpectedly I started a second dune blanket. (I know, I know, just go with me on this one!) Without further ado (and because I need to ride this wave of motivation after a particularly taxing bit of life admin!) lets go on with the craft!

The “original” dune

Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)

After a busy weekend I was so tired! I planned on having a lovely lazy day with my dune blanket and the TV. However things didn’t quite work out that way!

A post wedding gift for the bride

I made a bit of progress with my blanket, but in the afternoon I got out the resin and made jewellery. I made three pieces in bezels for fun, one of which was a gift for a friend. As a thank you for inviting us to their wedding I made a necklace for the bride. I took the protea motif from the table setting and set it into the bezel with three pieces of shell taken from a beach close to the wedding. I am so happy with how it turned out, and I hope the newly weds will be too!

Mosaic tiles set in a bezel with resin

I used the rest of the resin to make some prototype pieces for the Settlers of the Nene Valley. I set some mosaic tiles from the craft café into a bezel and covered them with resin and I had a go at casting the resin into moulds using a two part pour. This is where you fill the mould with resin half way and then let the resin set partially before putting in the embellishments (in this case mosaic tiles) and then fill up the moulds with resin to the top.

Tuesday 7th May

I planned to make a video on inks for the YouTube channel following some questions you had sent in. When I started filming, I realised one video was not going to be enough! I really do love inks because they are so versatile. There really are so many different inks on the market because they all do different things. I decided to make a video for each ink type to keep things simple and short! If you want to watch the videos you can find them here. Don’t forget, if there is something you want to know more about in craft, get in touch and let me know! I would love to feature more of your questions in my tutorials!

Wednesday 8th May

The final cured pieces out of the moulds!

My resin pieces from the moulds were cured and ready to take out! It was very exciting and I was very happy with how the pieces turned out. I spent the evening turning them into finished pieces of jewellery and had a play with wire wrapping some beads. Before all that I spent most of the day prepping a video on amigurumi to answer some more of your crafty questions! I started to make another shark from the leftovers with the Aldi kit for part of the video, unfortunately there was not enough grey left to finish the shark but he was still useful in the video! If you want to watch the video on amigurumi, you can find it here.

Thursday 9th May

Some experimental wire wrapped rings, inspired by Roman settlers

I had a really great meeting at Stanwick Lakes with the Settler’s of the Nene Valley project. I took my resin pieces, wire wrapped pieces and some other heritage inspired jewellery along with me. I was so happy everyone loved the pieces. I have some really exciting news to share with you all at this point. At the next Setter’s Craft Café (7th June) you will be able to make a resin necklace of your very own as well as participate in making our replica mosaic! I am thrilled to bits to be able to introduce a whole new group of people to rein jewellery making, and I really hope that they enjoy themselves and fall in love with resin because it really is one of the most beautiful things to craft with. In the afternoon I sat down and made some cards just for myself.

Crafting is good for the soul

Honestly I had had a few really bad days, my mood was low and I was very irritable. I felt things were going wrong all the time and I really felt that I hadn’t achieved anything at all this week. Looking back now you might wonder how on Earth someone can be so busy and feel this way. Well that’s the thing about depression, it lies to you, it makes you feel like you are nothing and that nothing you do it ever good enough. Luckily I had insight, I knew I felt this way because of depression.

I had to do something for myself. I wanted to take the pressure off myself and forget about producing content for the blog for a while. I needed to do something easy that I enjoyed. So I made cards with beautiful dogs on. It did me good. I tried things I would not have usually done when making cards out of a kit. I used toppers, dies, embossing folders and gilding wax. I used inks and textures and tore the card to get different effects. Even though I hadn’t done any work for the blog that afternoon I actually felt I had achieved something. I am feeling better this week. My motivation is back and I have plenty of plans for the week.

Friday 10th May

My favourite card of the day

I overslept! Hugely. So instead of rushing around like a thing possessed to get to woolly workers for an hour or so I continued Thursday’s more relaxed approach and took my time and did things for me that I enjoyed. I was going to do what I felt like, when I felt like it. So I made more cards. I cannot get enough of the dogs in the Splash Crafts Kit. I love dogs, I’ve always wanted one but it’s not happened yet. So I really love making cards with this kit. In the evening I sat with my guinea pig and made more of my dune blanket. (Phoebe also had a rough week, she went to the vet on Wednesday with a sore foot and ended up on antibiotics and pain killers! Have you ever tried to medicate a guinea pig? My advice, let someone else do it!)

Saturday 11th May

The alternative dune, in progress

I had a lovely day out with Mr Crafts. We bought some birthday presents for some up-coming birthdays. Then we went for lunch at Pizza Express which was very yummy. When we were out I got a message from a friend. Her little boy had broken his leg. I took myself off to the craft shop and got some yarn to make up a blanket to cheer him up. So the dune blanket has been put to one side while I whip up an “alternative dune” in primary colours.

I’m making it lap sized with the WI premium acrylic from Hobbycraft. The yarn is soft and will be hard wearing being acrylic, it’s reasonably priced (and on 3 for 2 right now!), there are loads of colours to choose from and I know if I need more I will be able to get it easily! I spent most of the afternoon and evening making my alternative dune. I didn’t even stop when I got a delivery! The lovely man from Hermes brought me a stamp and die set from The Thirsty Brush, which I bought from create and craft. I have wanted to play with coordinating stamps and dies for a long time. Mostly because I hate fussy cutting so if I can get someone to do the cutting out for me then I will, and in this case the dies will do my cutting! I really wanted to play with my new crafty goodies, but I was diligent and kept on with my crochet.

Sunday 12th May

I spent most of the day making my alternative dune blanket, it is now longer than my original dune blanket.  I have probably made just over a third of it so I am pretty happy with the progress. I really want to get it finished so I can post it to my friend! I broke my arm when I was nine and I remember feeling so miserable about it, her little boy is a lot younger than I was then so I really want to do something nice for him, poor sausage.

Eventually I gave into temptation and I played with my new stamps and dies. I made two cards and a shrink plastic brooch, which I shared on social media. I absolutely love the stamps and dies, they are so pretty and it is so easy to make good cards with them. I have only used one technique with the stamp making my cards so I am looking forward to having some more time to play once my alternative dune is finished!

That’s all for now folks! I best get on with some more of my crafty plans! I’m looking forward to watching the new film about Ted Bundy tonight, with some more crochet on my alternative dune of course!


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