The Craft Journal: From April 29th

This lovely bag of squishiness has been keeping me very happy

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a lovely bank holiday! The last week has been really great and I feel like it has absolutely flown by. I have had a few people get in touch with me asking for advice for various crafty things which is really fantastic. I set up this blog in order to help people get into craft and to inspire people to try some new things, so it is really great to be able to help you all on your crafting journey. What you may not realise is that your questions and queries actually inspire me and give me new ideas for blog content. So I would like to say thank you to all of you who follow the blog or our social media and all of you who have got involved already! It really does mean so much to me.  So if there is

anyone out there that wants to ask a question or just say hello, please don’t be shy. It really makes my day to hear from you all. Get in touch and tell me what you want to see and I will do my best to include it on the blog! I already have a lot of exciting plans for this week so make sure you keep an eye on the blog and our social media channels for all the latest crafty content!

Monday 29th April

Some great work at the craft cafe

A brilliant and productive day! I never thought I would say that about a Monday! I posted the details for the Craft Café run by Settlers of the Nene Valley (more about that later!). My next job was to take photos of a shark I had made with the Aldi so crafty kit. Monday also saw the release of another crochet tutorial. We posted a video about the stitch htr3tog (half treble three together) on the blog, you can view it here. This tutorial was made to accompany the free pattern for the tablet case we posted a few weeks ago.  

Tuesday 30th April

Days like this one are some of my favourites. Most of the day was spent working on some digital art for a paper crafting kit. This will be coming your way very soon! The theme of this is the wildlife at Kruger National Park in South Africa. I took so many photos on holiday it was so hard to narrow it down to just a few to craft with. The kit is not ready for release yet and I will be doing some more work on it this week. Just because I’m feeling generous, I will give you a sneak peak of some of the artwork.

A beautiful female kudu

After a day in front of the computer I spent the evening sorting my yarn so I could make a start on the Dune blanket designed by the brilliant Lucy from Attic 24. You can check out her blog here.

Wednesday 1st May

Jaws is a lot softer than he likes you to think

This was a day I was not looking forward to if I am completely honest. I had planned to write two reviews and make a paper crafting video; and the first review was really bugging me. I reviewed the shark crochet kit from Aldi, I really wanted to write a great review and I really wanted to love this kit. I wanted to be able to tell you all to go to Aldi and buy all the crochet kits you could get your hands on. Unfortunately I was unimpressed with the kit, to say the very least. (You can read the review in full here.) I also reviewed the Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball yarn on Wednesday, happily this time I was more generous. Shawl in a Ball is a lovely product. If you want to read the review, click here.

The card made in my paper crafting video

Finally, I got round to making my paper crafting video. I enjoyed making this a lot, mostly because the idea for the video came from you! My lovely readers! Someone had asked me for a few tips on how to improve their card making. I was very happy to provide encouragement and advice. I love to interact with you guys as much as possible and it’s a great feeling to give you some advice in messages, but wherever possible I like to be able to demonstrate what I mean as well as tell you about it! What a wonderful thing the internet is eh! If you want to see the video I made you will find it here!

My beautiful Dune blanket!

In the evening I spent some more time on my Dune blanket. By the way I am posting dune blanket updates on Instagram and Instagram stories most days, so if you want to follow my progress you can check our Instagram account here.

Thursday 2nd May

I had a lovely delivery of seed beads in the morning, I am planning to make some seed bead jewellery projects inspired by my trip to South Africa. Otherwise there was not a great deal of crafting today as my mum was coming over to see Wet Wet Wet at the Derngate Theatre and she was stopping overnight. So a failed attempt at some housework and few rows of the Dune blanket later mum arrived.

Friday 3rd May

This was a crazy busy day! In the morning I was in Stanwick Lakes helping at the craft café. This was a free event organised by Settlers of the Nene Valley. In the 1980’s an archaeologist discovered a Roman villa and mosaic on the site of the nature reserve. In the craft café we are making a replica of the mosaic which will be displayed in the newly built ancestral barn at Stanwick Lakes for all the visitors to see. The event was a lot of fun, lots of people came to join in with the project and we made some really good progress. There will be another craft café on the first Friday in June if you would like to come and join in with us! It would be brilliant to see lots of people there! When making the mosaic I had something of an experimental idea which I will share with you this week (most likely on Thursday), but hopefully the idea will work out and we will be able to plan a few craft workshops to do with the mosaic. If you would like to see the real mosaic for yourself you can visit Stanwick Lakes Visitor Centre and the mosaic is displayed on the upper level. If you would like to find out more about Settlers of the Nene Valley, click here.

After a fab morning I headed over to Scotch Lodge for an afternoon with the woolly workers. I didn’t take my dune blanket as I had a few other WIPs (works in progress) that I really need to get finished. I had a lovely piece of cake, lots of chatting, a little crochet and no I did not get my projects finished!

Home time came and I spent the evening working on my little experiment! I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Saturday 4th May (Star Wars Day)

This was delicious!

We had plans to host a barbeque for Mr Crafts’ birthday. The morning was spent preparing for this. I made a chocolate cake with Smarties and Cadbury’s fingers. I was a little nervous on how it would turn out as I hadn’t made the recipe before and the mixture was very runny! The cake turned out great and I have already had a request to make another one for later in the year! I did a few more rows on my Dune blanket in the evening. The best part of my day actually came from YouTube! Someone had gotten in touch with me needing some advice on a crochet kit they had bought from Aldi! I have been giving them some help and advice via messaging and I am planning a video for next week!

Sunday 5th May

The latest on my Dune blanket

After a lovely lie in and a bowl of cornflakes I had time for a few rows of crochet on my Dune blanket. I did a little research and fact checking for an upcoming video and Mr Crafts and I casually chatted about how we wanted to spend our lovely day of rest and our bank holiday Monday. Before I knew it I suddenly had plans! Bang goes my day of leisurely crafting! Not to worry, I’m sure I can sneak in few more rows of the Dune blanket somewhere!

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for being awesome followers!



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