Crafty Obsessions and Big News!

I love this piece so much! It will be listed in the shop later this week!

Hi Crafties!

How are we all? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As you might expect, my weekend has been filled with crafting.

Regulars here will know I have been “slightly” mad about resin jewellery for a while now. I went to a workshop at Riverside Beads last year and loved it. Ever since I have been trying to make my own beautiful resin creations! I didn’t have a lot of success at the beginning of my resin journey (more than likely because I bought cheap resin!) but since discovering Resin8 and their wonderful products I have been far more successful!

This is by far one of my favourite makes

Over the last couple of months I’ve produced some resin pieces I’m really proud of and I really feel like I’m getting the hang of things now, I even feel like my sanding and polishing has improved!

I follow a lot of resin artists on Instagram and I am always inspired by their beautiful resin pieces. I have always wanted to try alcohol ink with resin and now I am fairly confident I have ordered myself a set of alcohol inks from Amazon!

I’ve been making trinket trays and jewellery with the inks and it is so much fun! When you drop the inks onto the surface of the resin they interact with each other and ripple across the surface; the colours are so vibrant and beautiful and each piece is different! You never know what you’re going to get until you take it out of the mould! I love how the inks create real depth and texture to the solid pieces. I will film a little video for you, just so you can see how fun it is! My latest piece is a rainbow cuff bangle, I took it out of the mould this morning and it just needs a gentle sand and polish before I list it in the Facebook shop!

One of my first alcohol ink resin pieces

Something else I have always been fascinated with is polymer clay. People make some truly beautiful and intricate designs with this stuff (check out the Polymer Clay Workshop account here) as well as some absolutely gorgeous earrings which I am totally in love with (check out the Kipi Studio website here).

I had tried polymer clay in the past and not gotten on very well with it (a distinct lack of patience and wanting to be amazingly skilled at it first time) but it is a medium that is becoming more and more popular.

You can get clays in all colours of the rainbow and in different effects such as pearl finishes and translucent clays. Some of my crafty followers have been having a play with clay and producing some lovely stuff, so I decided I would have another go and this time, not try to run before I could walk. I got a starter pack of Sculpey clay, because I had read it was softer to work with than FIMO, and I have been having a go at making some basic polymer clay earrings.

This time around I have been watching YouTube videos on different techniques and top tips for beginners etc. and I feel like things have gone a lot better. Over the weekend I made three batches of earrings. Although they are not as amazing as the beautiful earrings from Kipi Studio I feel like each batch taught me something about the clay and I made improvements in the process each time. I would love to have a go at some cane work but for now I am going to stick with making the earrings until I can’t improve any more, then maybe I will try something a little more complicated!

These will also be heading for the Facebook Shop!

I’m hoping to have plenty of resin and polymer clay pieces ready by 18th of July, because I will be holding a pop up shop at Scotch Lodge Farm! I’m so excited, it will be my first event since January so I am keeping my fingers crossed for glorious sunshine and lots of customers! I will be sharing more details about the event on the George Crafts Jewellery Facebook page very soon, so if you don’t want to miss out head over to the page and give it a like!

That’s all from me for now, I’ve got to go to the supermarket (eurgh)


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