The Rebrand – Back with a Bang!

This beautiful freshwater pearl ring features on the NEW Facebook page!

Hello Crafties!

How are we all? It is so hot in Kettering today. We were promised thunderstorms today…hmm…doesn’t seem like that is going to happen any time soon!

You will have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately. I have still been crafting and I’ve still been making YouTube videos but that’s been about it. I’m slowly trying to find out what the “new normal” is going to be for me as the lockdown continues but I have been working on a little rebrand!

Floral resin jewellery has been extremely popular

The blog has always been (and will always be) about crafting. I created this space for us to share creativity, makes, projects, tips and all crafting related goodness and I don’t want this to change.

Most of you know that I had been looking forward to attending craft fairs throughout this year and I had started booking 2020 events since before Christmas last year. Well it hasn’t quite gone to plan for me, or for the rest of the crafting world! 2020 was meant to be a big year for the jewellery selling side of George Crafts and I am not about to let a global pandemic stop me. I decided I could sit around and mope or I could do something about it!

I love creating these sets of stacker bracelets featuring real gemstones

I have created a second Facebook Page (click here) which is focused entirely on me selling my beautiful handmade items. You will find plenty of jewellery, some resin home décor, cards, blankets and towards Christmas I hope to have some tree decorations and wrapping paper as well as some other lovely bits and pieces. I have also created a second Instagram account that focuses only on my jewellery (click here). If you would like to take a look at the pages and maybe even give them a follow or leave me some comments on the posts that would be amazing!

Is it not the loveliest blanket you ever did see?

The original George Crafts Facebook page (click here) and Instagram (click here) are staying exactly how they have always been!  I will get back to posting more content, projects and ramblings in a more regular fashion on here. It may take me a few weeks to get back into a routine but I have a long list of things I want to share with you, I just need more hours in the day!

As for me, I’ll be working on some resin projects, crocheting some blankets and wraps and experimenting with polymer clay over the weekend! I’ll leave you with a photo of my current blanket project to enjoy! x

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