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When the shops run out of bread and you have to make your own…

Hey lovely people!

How are we all doing here? I hope you are all staying safe and keeping yourselves busy and entertained. Things outside are a little crazy right now, so the best thing to do is stay in and craft!

I don’t have a proper Craft Journal for you this week as I have been busy sorting out boring real life things for quite a while. Instead we have a craft round up!

Over the last few days I’ve been furiously trying to finish a few projects (mostly because I have so many new projects that I want to work on). I’ve been crocheting, pouring resin, making cards and even cutting fabric to make a dress!

My “Aster” squares from the Blaithin CAL


Some of you will remeber that I have been doing the Blaithin Blanket CAL from Annie Design Crochet. This CAL started in the autumn of 2019 and I managed to keep up to date with it until I went to California in October. When I got home I had A LOT of Christmas presents to make so the Blaithin Blanket got put to one side. Well I have now finished all of my Blaithin squares and I started joining them together yesterday! I cannot wait to see how the blanket turns out when it is finished. Now I have the squares finished I feel like I’ve made a huge dent in my WIP pile, which feels really great.

My latest pattern is available for free now!

In other crochet news, I decided to release my pattern for the Drifting Snow Cowl for free on the blog last week. If you want to check out my pattern you can download it for free here.

I also spent far to long trying to set up my BuyMeACoffee page, which is now working properly but is looking a little bare! If you want to check it out, you’ll find it here.

My latest resin pieces!

Resin Pouring

A couple of weeks ago I tried pouring resin over my tiny cross stitches. It didn’t work our so great because the colours of the cross stitiches got really washed out for some reason. I had some resin left so I started on some two part pour pieces, including another trinket tray – if you want to see the first trinket tray I made you can watch a video here. So with a little time over the last week I poured the second part of my trinket tray and then played with some opaque pigments.Im really happy with the second trinket tray and the pastel coloured pieces I’ve made and I am already planning my next resin pour!

If you are looking for a place to get high quality products for resin pouring please check out Resin8, I really love their “fill it” resin. It produces the best results of all the resins I have tried at home, it cures perfectly clear and isn’t tacky at all!

Card Making

This card is really easy and fun to make

It cannot have escaped your attention that yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was quite strange being as we couldn’t see our mums due to COVID-19. Both Mr Crafts and I made cards to send in the post to our mums. I made mine using altenew stamps and then I water coloured the images using water soluble markers. I actually made a similar card using Dawn Bibby stamps last year. If you want to see how I made that card, watch this video.

Dress Making

You will know if you have read my blog before that I do not know how to sew. I have however been building my sewing skills over the past few weeks. I have improved my handsewing skills with a Corinne Lapierre sewing kit (click here if you want to see me making some babay penguins); I’ve been cross stitching and I have another Corinne Lapierre kit which I will be filming over the next few weeks.

Who else is learning new crafting skillls during social distancing?

With all the sewing practice I’ve gotten in, my (possibly misplaced) confidence is growing. I felt able to tackle something bigger. I got the latest copy of Mollie Makes magazine and it had a free sewing pattern included. So I guess I’m going to make the dress. I made a start yesterday. I cut out all the paper pattern pieces to the correct size, then I chose my fabric and layed the pattern out according to the instructions and cut all the parts of the dress. It took me around two hours. I am not a patient person. I don’t enjoy measuring and cutting things out. This is the reason I am not good at sewing. So to spend two hours on cutting out six shapes was rather taxing. I can only hope that the time I spent cutting pays off and all my pieces are accurate! I will share my progress and update you when I’ve done a little more on the project!

That’s all I have for you right now. Keep your eyes on the blog for more videos, projects, tutorials and ramblings! I’ll be back soon. In the meantime share get in touch with us on our social media channels and tell us what you’re making during social distancing!



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