The Craft Journal – 2nd March

An unexpected piecce of content this week

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to do things a little differently this week. To kick off this week I have a little public service announcement for you all. It started as the intro but it got really long so, here goes:


Grown adults have no business behaving like children! If you are experiencing the fallout from petty and childish adults then I have some things that I want you to know.

Yes their behaviour says everything about them and nothing about you.

That doesn’t mean their behaviour doesn’t hurt and that doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset.

So feel what you feel, don’t apologise for it and don’t let anyone tell you that what you feel is wrong.

So… back to the craft… yes? Ok. Good.


This week I have been trying finishing a lot of projects! It feels a little dangerous as I still have so many unfinished works but I’m already feeling the urge to start some more new ones. I am going to be strong and stick to finishing some things!

Oh, hi baby penguins!

I have finally finished the mohair poncho. It is definitely not to my taste but I am really proud of the finished product. I definitely feel like I have made something really special. I used a vintage pattern, really high quality yarn and I colour matched the shades of yarn to the pattern and the client’s wishes. So even though this isn’t the kind of thing I would wear myself I actually love that I have made it!

Monday 2nd March

These guys are so cute!

First job of the day, sharing The Craft Journal, was done. If you want to read last week’s post, click here. Next up, I did a few more teeny tiny cross stitches and after that I wanted to work on my felt penguins some more. I already started filming the process last week and I thought I would need a lot longer to finish off the whole kit. I actually got two out of the three penguins done today and I only have a little filming left to do.

As it was getting late I decided it was time to put the penguins down and move on to something else. At this point I still hadn’t finished the poncho fringe, so that’s what I did.

Tuesday 3rd

This morning I finished my third penguin! I’m so pleased with all three of them. I am a complete novice when it comes to all sewing so I really don’t think I could have hoped for better results. My confidence with hand sewing has definitely increased and I have plenty of leftovers to make more penguins in the future!

This is a thing of fuzzy beauty.

Anyway, with the penguins finished far earlier than expected I decided to get all the footage I filmed edited. I actually filmed over 45 minutes of footage and cut it down to just over 15 minutes.

As the video was going to take a looooong time to render got on with the fringe of the mohair poncho. It took a long time but I powered through and finished the whole thing! I am so happy that it’s done. I am so pleased with the finished result and I am so glad that I can start working on some of my other yarn projects again! I really wanted to send some pictures to the client right away but as it was gone midnight I thought she probably wouldn’t be best pleased!

Wednesday 4th

Well, this morning I sent the photos to the client (and a whole bunch of other people because I am so pleased with it) and she is really happy. I cannot wait for her to pick it up and see it!

The penguin video finished rendering pretty late last night so today I watched through the finished content and then uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch it here.

The colour and definition got lost in the resin pour, guess I’d better try again!

The next job for today was putting my teeny tiny cross stitches in resin. I also poured half of a bangle and half of a trinket tray. I’m not anticipating great things from this round of resin pouring, the way the resin changed the look of the cross stitches, I didn’t like at all and I think the resin may have been too cold when I mixed it so it may not cure properly.

In the evening I browsed ravelry for some small projects to use up the last of my mohair. I wanted to make a little something extra for my client as a thank you for their business. First I wanted to make a flower brooch, and then I thought I wanted to make a headband and then back to brooch. I started a headband but it wasn’t working out. So I unpicked it (not easy with mohair I can tell you!) and made up my own flower pattern for a brooch!

A little extra mohair never hurt anyone, right?

Thursday 5th

Today has not been awesome, I have spent far too long trying to catch up on the entries for The Craft Journal. The intro (which I’m sure you have now read) was quite problematic for me.

I am finally all caught up so I’m going to spend the rest of the day doing whatever I want. Maybe I’ll catch up on the Blaithin or Carnaby CAL, maybe I’ll do some scrap booking or calligraphy. Maybe I’ll make some cards. Who knows? Whatever happens I’ll update you!

In other news, my resin pieces are still very sticky and flexible…so… definitiely looking like a resin fail!

My latest plain squares

Friday 6th

So last night I decided I would finish the first part of the Carnaby CAL.  I can’t remember if I told you all this before but I am so disappointed with this CAL and I’m only on the first part. I checked the pattern, the Facebook group and the magazine website and there were at least two mistakes identified and corrected online. Fast forward to the second to last round of the pattern for part one; I had to get 27 groups of three treble crochets along the long side of the semicircle. Well, it took me forever. I lost track of how many times I unpicked and re did the bottom edge but I must have spent more than an hour on the final edge. By the time I got the end of the 27 groups of trebles I forgot that I needed to go round the whole piece in double crochet, so I still have that to do.

After I stepped away from the Carnaby CAL I got out my squares from the Blaithin Blanket CAL. I know where I stand with the Blaithin CAL. I got six more plain squares done between Thursday evening and my afternoon at woolly workers. All the ends are woven in too!

Today I also received the final set of calligraphy markers that I ordered ages ago, so I had to have a go with those! These pens are by Kuretake and so far I really like them. In a couple of weeks I’ll be doing a round up of all the calligraphy pens I’ve tried and what I think of them.

Some sound advice from Lady Gaga appeared in my calligraphy

In the evening Mr Crafts asked me to make a birthday card for his sister. I heat embossed some star gazer lillies from Stamps by Me in gold and then water coloured the image before fussy cutting half of the image out of the card and then mounting the whole thing on acetate.

Saturday 7th

Today we went out with Mr Crafts family for his sister’s birthday. We were out for most of the day so I didn’t get loads of crafting done. When we got home I did work a little more on the Blaithin blanket CAL and started working on the next flower, the Queen Anne’s Lace. The square works up quite quickly but there are a lot of ends to weave in so that’s always fun…

However, I had another look at my resin pieces and they are actually dry and hard! Yay! Disaster averted! Whoop! I’m still going to warm my bottle of resin in future though!

One more of these and I will have finished week seven

Sunday 8th

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted over the last few weeks and I’ve only had time to work on the blog or my commissions so I have decided I am going to take a week away from creating content (with the exception of this blog post) and do a lot of housework, and a lot of crafting for fun.

Today I made a little head start on the cleaning and then worked on my Queen Anne’s Lace squares. In the evening one of my friends from the Settlers project came over for dinner and crochet which was super nice!

There won’t be an instalment of The Craft Journal next week, but I might do a mini round up of my fun crafting to let you know what I get up


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