The Craft Journal – 24th February

I’m pretty impressed with myself so far

Hi Everyone!

For the first time in what feels like forever the sun is out! Hooray! It makes a change from all the rain we’ve been having.

I’ve been busy doing a fair bit of sewing over the last few days, not something I normally do. However I am feeling more confident with my sewing skills so maybe it’s true what they say; practice really does make perfect!

Monday 24th February

Having written up and posted The Craft Journal for the last week (read it here) I only had to share the content on social media. I caught up on some admin, did some tidying up, went food shopping and before getting on with some crafting.

I sat down ready to design some small cross stitches to go into jewellery, but when I went to get out the aida and the threads I realised that the fabric I had was the wrong gauge (I have no idea what the correct term is! It may be “count” but who am I to know???) and the squares were too big for what I wanted them for. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, I ordered some fabric with the correct size squares and it should be here tomorrow!

Remember me?

Instead of cross stitching I started filming some new content for the YouTube channel. For Christmas I was given a Corinne Lapierre felt kit. I did and unboxing video (which you can watch here) at the beginning of January and someone said they would like to see how I got on making the kit up, so I got the kit out and started filming.  The kit is to make three baby penguins, I’ve cut out all the pattern pieces now and I still have a fair bit of felt left so I might be able to make one more after this!

The sewing and filming at the same time wasn’t going too well. I think because it was getting late and I was feeling quite tired by this point so I put the felt down and got on with the mohair poncho. I really want this damn thing finished this week!

Tuesday 25th

If you want to see the real thing visit the Settler’s Barn at Stanwick Lakes

The second attempt at filming the penguin sewing went much better. I really enjoyed making up the kit so far and I think I could have quite happily sat there all day until I had finished all three penguins. Unfortunately I only had time to make three heads, which are very cute even if I do say so myself. I feel a bit more confident with hand sewing and I even (eventually) learned how to do French knots (after a lot of swearing) with the help of YouTube!

In the evening I went over to Alison’s house to keep working on planning some of the events for Settlers in the school holidays. I had planned to take the Settler’s journal with me so we could work on it together, but the universe was working against me on that one. At home I sat down and got the paper copy of the journal laid out and finished. I’m pretty happy with it and I just need to sort out sending off the photos and copy to Neil (another member of the Settlers team).

I attempted to get an early night as I was catching the train to London the next day, however worrying about missing the train meant I did not sleep well, but at least the anxiety woke me up early and I had plenty of time to get the train! Every cloud and all that…

Wednesday 26th

Well, I didn’t miss my train and I got into London just before 11. I met mum at King’s Cross and we went to the first stop of the day – St Dunstan in the East. The building used to be a church but after it was damaged the church was left abandoned and it is now a city garden. It is very beautiful and I would definitely recommend going to see it even if you aren’t a keen gardener. Entry is free and it’s just a short walk from Monument tube station.

En route to The Shard

Next we walked over to The Shard which didn’t take very long at all, we just had to cross over London Bridge to the other side of the river. We found the building easily enough, but the entrance to the View from The Shard took longer to find that it took us to get to the building! The view from the top was pretty incredible, I think I could even see Mr Crafts’ mum and dad’s house (well, the rough area it was in anyway)! You can certainly see a very long way in any case!

After The Shard we walked over to Borough Market which was incredible! The amount of different street foods and produce that was there was just amazing. The smells were divine, everywhere you turned there was a new and delicious smell. We settled on some Thai food with a fresh doughnut from Bread Ahead for dessert.

Instead of taking the tube we took one of the Thames river buses from London Bridge city pier to Embankment and then made a final stop in the Ice Bar. The décor of the ice bar changes every so often and new ice sculptures are put in. This time around the theme of the bar was Viking Valhalla and even the cocktails were themed.

I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got on the train home!

Thursday 27th

Today I went to the Nenescape AGM. Nenescape is a landscape partnership scheme and the Settlers project is supported by the scheme. I took the journal with me to give to Becky and we met lots of people and heard about some of the other projects that Nenescape supports. It was nice to get out and socialise and network with people on other projects and best of all we might have found some more people to work with us on our events!

This has been a marathon, not a sprint.

The drive home was…interesting. I went on the main road to get to the golf club, which was what I expected to do. However on the way home Google took me on what can only be described as a dirt track/pot hole collection/stream. This non-road went on for what seemed like forever until I reached Corby. I can safely say that I have never been so pleased to see the A43!

I planned to do a little cross stitching in the afternoon but instead I fell asleep on the sofa. I ended up sending a few emails in the evening and then working on the mohair poncho. I actually finished the main part of the poncho! Hooray! I cast off the collar, sewed up the seams and hung it up on a hangar to take some pictures!  All I have left to do is make a cord for the neck and attach a fringe to the bottom edge and it will be ready to go to its new home!

I love making these!

Friday 28th

First thing to do today was to buy the new single from Lady Gaga! Stupid love is the lead track from her new album, which hasn’t been released yet.

 Having finished the main part of the poncho I wanted so badly to get it fully finished! So I took four balls of white mohair to Scotch Lodge farm to start work on a whopping 55 inch I-cord. I think I have made it up to about 17 inches so far! At home I did a few bits of admin and then realised I hadn’t actually written any entries for this week’s craft journal!

So I spent the evening writing up the entire blog post from Monday to today, because I don’t want to start it on Monday morning!

Now I’m all caught up I might actually get round to making some teeny tiny cross stitches and carrying on with the I-cord!

Saturday 29th / Sunday 1st March

Can’t wait to get these covered with resin!

Hooray! I finished the I-cord this morning! Now all I have to do is put the fringe around the bottom of the poncho and then I can send it off to its new home! Then I will never have to be covered in mohair again! After finishing the cord I had a few pieces of jewellery to make, unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures because they are going to be gifts, but they are very pretty. The first set is made with large faceted rounds of purple agate and large pyrite flowers. The second set (my favourite) is made with small aquamarine rounds and amethyst.

Now that I’ve finished the knitting part of the poncho I’ve had time to make some more teeny tiny cross stitches to put into resin, so I’ve been experimenting with colours and patterns!

There will be more next week!


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