The Craft Journal – 10th February

The Aftermath of Dennis

Hi Everyone!

Two storm’s in as many weeks. What a great excuse to stay indoors and craft! Our garden fence is rather the worse for wear, having been weakened by Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis managed to finish it off on Sunday morning.

My attempts to be productive and organised are continuing and so far all is going well. As ususal I was busy last week week as usual and I have lots to look forward to this week.

Monday 10th February

Well, we weren’t blown away by Storm Ciara in the night, and the wheelie bin is still upright, so that can only be a positive start to the week.

Harry is looking rather the worse for wear

As I am still managing to be super efficient, *touches the closest piece of wood*, I had already completed and release last week’s craft journal onto the blog on Sunday evening, so all I had to do was share the post on various social media platforms.

Speaking of social media, I had also planned out a whole week’s worth of posts in the diary. I was so busy last week with the commission and Settlers meetings/projects that I had neglected my social media channels last week. It’s really hard to think of interesting and engaging content to produce everyday, especially when I’m working on larger projects over several days. If all goes well with the social media this week, I’ll be planning my posts weekly too!

Anyways, I had planned to go food shopping today but it was absolutely tipping it down with rain and blowing a gale so I didn’t really fancy it. Looks like spaghetti Bolognese for tea from the freezer! With extra time on my hands I did some more admin, tried to grow my Instagram account some more and worked on the dreaded Harry Potter Amigurumi project. The body is now finished and attached to the head. I’ll work on the arms tomorrow and if there is enough content to make another video for the YouTube channel I’ll get that done later in the week.

I just had enough time to complete Monday’s journal entry before going downstairs to work on the mohair poncho, which is shedding fibres everywhere! I am actually concerned I have eaten about £20 worth of goat hair at this point!

Tuesday 11th

After putting off the food shopping in the hope of better weather yesterday I went down to the supermarket today, in the hail, rain and snow. Which helpfully only started after I put my keys in the ignition.

Looks like Harry has been affected by Storm Ciara!

Anyway I got my shopping done in record quick time, and I didn’t buy any snacks. A move I know I will come to regret later on in the week!

Today’s social media post was a re-share of one of my new videos. As Valentine’s Day is coming up at the end of the week I thought I would share my tutorial for quick and easy handmade cards. Hopefully it will get a few more people crafting! If you missed my video the first time around, you can watch it here.

The main job today was more Harry Potter crochet. I actually got the whole doll finished. Plus I had time to make a final video. A gentleman crafter (not THE gentleman crafter) had been in touch with my through the YouTube channel about the arms for the Harry Potter doll. At the time I hadn’t got as far as the arms, so I had to get my pattern out and try and work out what the instructions meant. I was baffled and I had to confess that I didn’t have a clue what the instructions wanted, but I promised that I would keep working on it! Well today I finally worked out what the instructions meant!

The final chapter!

I stitched all the parts of the doll together apart from the arms, filmed a little video, edited it and posted it online. If you want to watch the video, click here.

I guess now the Harry Potter videos are finished (happy face!) I will have to work on getting and alternative pattern for Aldi’s Shark teeth done (deep joy). Tomorrow I have a Settlers meeting, which is going to be epic, I can feel it! So I am going to get my bag ready and then I’m going to knit more mohair as I fell asleep after two rows yesterday!

Wednesday 12th

Today I had a lovely meeting with some of the Settlers team. We had our meeting in the barn looking out onto the garden and I saw so many wild animals, I was truly amazed! I saw blue tits, robins and a wren; rabbits and even a tiny little deer. Unfortunately we weren’t fast enough, or stealthy enough to get any pictures.

The pinnacle of sartphone wildlife photography…

After the meeting I sat in the garden for a little while trying to get a photo of some of the garden wildlife for this month’s journal entry. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me and not my camera so I couldn’t get close enough for any decent photos, but I did find an old Victorian penny from 1893 in one of the raised beds. I am going to be back in the garden next week so I will take my camera along and hope for a bit more wildlife action!

Thursday 13th

Today was mum’s birthday so I decided I would surprise her at work. Thursday is bowling day for the guys and girls at Bourne 2 Care so I drove down to Peterborough to meet them. I spent the morning with the gang at bowling and then went back to Edenham for lunch which I ended up sharing with everyone and then helped sort out the craft cupboard while everyone did colouring or painting. It was a really nice day and all the service users were already talking about their upcoming visit to Stanwick Lakes with the Settlers.

Not bad for a practise!

At home I put my Folksy store on holiday mode and got my calligraphy pens out. The Settlers team are planning lots of events throughout the next few months around all the different time periods we have on site.

For the medieval event we want to incorporate calligraphy as a craft activity. I haven’t done calligraphy for ages so I thought I should have a little practise.

My practise went ok, I think. I had a go at writing the capital letters in a gothic style as it is the most decorative. I also investigated what kind of supplies were available on the market that would be suitable for the Settlers events. I found asset of pens for a reasonable price on amazon and ordered them for myself to test them out. I also ordered myself a calligraphy pad which has guidelines and lines at a 45 degree angle.

Friday 14th (Valentine’s Day!)

Mr Crafts took the day off work  this year as it was a Friday and we took the opportunity to go away.

In the morning we gave each other presents, I bought Mr Crafts a book and a Lensball for his new camera. Mr Crafts got me a book and a new project bag for knitting and crochet. The bag is a cylinder shape with a lid on top. The lid has two holes in the top to pass the yarn through so you can work with more than one colour at once. I was so happy with the bag because I wanted to take a project with me in the car but I didn’t have anything suitable to take the mohair poncho in so I couldn’t really decide what to take. Problem solved, with this bag I don’t need all my yarn bowls, I can just take the bag! Thank you Mr Crafts!

The best and worst Stratford has to offer

After we got ready we drove down to Stratford upon Avon, checked into our hotel (which we already got a great deal on but then they gave us a free upgrade!) and went out to find a tea shop for some lunch.

After lunch we went to the Magic Alley and Creaky Cauldron (absolutely terrible, but so bad it’s actually funny), the Mechanical Art and Design (MAD) museum (amazing!) and then we went o Tudor world, which was pretty good too. We went back to the hotel and had a hot chocolate before going out for dinner.  

Saturday 15th

The plan was to go and look around some of the Shakespeare sites today before going back home. We checked out of the hotel after breakfast and took the bags out to the car. We got pelted with rain and blown sideways by Storm Dennis and made a hasty decision to go home and come back on a sunnier day!

At home, the nice man from amazon had deemed it impossible to put a small packet of pens through a letterbox, so had left my pens in a cardboard packet out in the rain behind my bin. I picked up the absolutely sodden packet and the pens fell out the bottom of the carton. At least he hadn’t  tried to deliver my calligraphy pad yet!

The greater than letterbox sized new pens, sitting on top of the perfectly letterbox sized pad…

I had a go with the new pens and I was reasonably happy with them. I think they will take some getting used to and once I know how to vary the pressure on the nib I will get on better. The man from amazon shoved my pad through the letterbox (which was considerably larger than the packet of pens) and I practised some more calligraphy with my old pens.  I will give the new pens more of a fair try in the week and perhaps I will post a review of them on the blog. I feel much more confident with my old pens than I did earlier in the week so I am pleased about that!

Sunday 16th

This morning we woke up to the aftermath of Storm Dennis, one of the fence panels has blown down and I think another one may well be on the way out. At least it’s the landlord’s fence! Mr Crafts and planned our meals for the week, wrote the shopping list and planned our jobs for the week. I feel so organised!

Mohair, mo problem

I sat down to finalise this week’s craft journal and got distracted by the calligraphy pens that were right next to my laptop. I put the pens down and finished writing this blog post. I have a lot on next week that I am really looking forward to, including a needle felting workshop on Wednesday!

The rest of the day is going to be spent knitting the mohair poncho, I really want to get it finished, just to see what the final piece looks like!

See you next week


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