The Craft Journal – 20th January

This week I took my jewellery on the road to my first event of 2020

Hi Craft Fans!

Is anyone else feeling exhausted today or is it just me? I have had a very busy week of meetings, social commitments, many many emails and diary organising. Then of course there was the first event of 2020 on Sunday. I am absolutely shattered! This week is looking a little more sedate, thank goodness! I’m looking forward to getting some crafting done and hoping for another productive week!

Monday 20th January

Today has been a little odd so far. Anticipating a busy week of social commitments I did a lot of planning and preparations yesterday. I wrote my blogpost (The Craft Journal – 13th January) on Sunday, planned my week Sunday, planned all the meals and ordered my food shopping online. These are all things I normally do on a Monday, but I needed to get ahead of myself as I have a lot of social commitments this week.

Lots and lots of Settlers notes

Mr Crafts’ parents have been to visit today, I have a meeting tomorrow, I’m out to lunch on Wednesday and I have to prepare for a craft fair as well as completing all my other blog and social media stuff!

Once Mr Crafts’ parents left to go home, I squirrelled myself away to get to work. I shared my blogpost, wrote some notes for tomorrow’s meeting, ordered some more gemstones and chain to restock my supply of pendants for the weekend and now I feel at a bit of a loss! I have a couple more jobs to do, hopefully they will not take too long, and then I will have to decide what to do next.

It’s quite a strange feeling, being this organised. I feel like there must be something I am missing!

Tuesday 21st  

The thumbnail for my Settlers video

This morning I had another meeting at Stanwick. We are planning a series of events to recruit more volunteers this year and today we had the first meeting to discuss ideas! I am really excited about the plans and I really hope the events will be successful as I really believe in the plans!

At home I spent some more time doing some admin tasks before doing a little more video editing. I am still working on the video for the January entry in the Settlers garden journal. I’m hoping to have the video released early next month, so watch this space!

Growth on the poncho is slow, but it is growing (I think)

Wednesday 22nd

Today was something of a write off, but it doesn’t matter because I planned it to be this way. With some more social commitments today, I didn’t get a lot of time for crafting in the day time. I was out of the house having afternoon tea (such hardship!) in the day so in the evening I worked on the Alexis Poncho and finished off another one of the pieces on the Harry Potter doll ready for filming some content the next day.

If you’re struggling with adding the fringe watch this!

Thursday 23rd

Today was an amazingly productive day! I filmed, edited and posted the latest Harry Potter video which you can watch here. I worked on the plans for the Settlers volunteer recruitment events. I chased up on some craft fair enquiries from last year. I also found a few more events on and sent out some email enquiries for those too. I made a poster for my stall in preparation for Sunday’s event. By the end of the day I had four more events booked for the year.

The only month I have nothing on now is August, Maybe I’ll sleep then?

Friday 24th

Having missed Woolly Workers last week I was really looking forward to going this week. I had had a few messages from some of the other ladies to say that they weren’t going to be in and I had thought about not going. However I decided it didn’t matter and I was going anyway. I thought I would treat myself to a lovely sandwich, get some knitting done on the Alexis Poncho, get some eggs bacon for the weekend and generally take a few hours out to do what I wanted. Having spent most of the week running about like a lunatic and with the weekend looking to have more of the same, I felt I deserved and needed it!

While I was out I got another email about some craft fairs in Wellingborough so I did a little bit more organising and got another four dates in the diary!

Saturday 25th

Today was all about preparation for the fair tomorrow. I went through all my boxes and put the Christmas things to one side; all the fairy lights and night time spotlights, the tree, Christmas cards etc. went into a box for later in the year. Then I worked out what stock I wanted to take with me to the event. As it was a mind, body and spirit fair I wanted to focus only on the gemstone jewellery. All the glass beaded items went into the same box as the lights.

The “before picture”

Next I set about my least favourite job, organising and tidying the gemstone pendants. You think untangling fairy lights is bad, just try finding a way of pinning sixty pendants to a board so that the look good, stay in place and are easily transported. It’s enough to drive anyone to madness! I made up more pendants to replace those that had sold out and pinned them on the board too.

I also had to count up my float, check the card reader had enough charge, make sure I had enough business cards, paper bags, pens and other bits and pieces. By the time I had done all of that I ready, I was also ready for bed!

Sunday 26th

The day of the first event! I got up and ready while Mr Crafts helpfully packed my boxes into the car and made me some sandwiches. Then I was off on the road to Blaby (and Mr Crafts probably went back to bed!).

I got to the venue in plenty of time, found the organiser to say hello to and unpacked my things out of the car. I got set up really quickly, mostly because I had streamlined all my stock and equipment the day before. I had time to make up more paper bags, take photos of my stall and have a chat to the other stall holders around me. I met some really lovely people, including several Debbies all on the same stall! (Hi Debbies if you’re reading!)

Once again I was very glad to have my Sum Up card machine with me as I made a few sales that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. If anyone is on the fence about getting one I can highly recommend a Sum Up. The card reader itself is quite inexpensive to buy (especially if you buy when they are on offer), the system is really simple to use, there are no monthly fees and you pay a very small commission on your sales. Given the number of sales you will make that you otherwise wouldn’t have the machine is worth every penny!

As always, the gemstone pendants were the best sellers at the event. This time I remembered to take some chain, the gemstones and my pliers with me so I could make stock to replace items as they were sold. Now I don’t have to make a bunch of pendants the day before my next event and I don’t have to spend ages organising the pendant board as all the new pendants are already neatly pinned in place!

The “after picture”

At home I sorted out the money (always a nice job) so I had some to put into the bank and the float was already organised for the next event. Determined for the next week to be productive I got all my planning done, chose meals for the week and wrote the shopping list. Then I collapsed in a heap on the sofa, attempted to do some knitting and gave up after about three rows as I was absolutely exhausted!

That’s all the news I have this week. Getting through this post has been hard work! I am still so tired from being on my feet all day yesterday. It was great fun though, and I’m looking forward to doing it all again soon!


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