The Craft Journal – 13th January

One of my favourite new items in the Folksy store

Hi Craft Fans!

This week has felt like the first real week back after Christmas. I have felt really productive and hopefully that’s coming across! I plan to keep up with this.

I already have the next week planned out in the diary and lots of plans for future content! This week will be another busy one as I have a couple of meetings in the diary and my first event of 2020!

Monday 13th January

I started the week by planning. This was a habit I had gotten out of recently, but I really wanted to get back to it. Planning helps me so much. I feel more productive, more motivated and more creative. I had lots of great ideas for my blog and I want to actually make some of them happen this year!

The first featured plant of the Settlers Garden Diary

After making my weekly plan I did the first of my regular jobs and published last week’s craft journal; which you can read here. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Next I filmed a little bit of content for a new video coming at the beginning of next month.

This year the Settlers are making a garden journal/diary. There will be an entry every month as well as on special occasions. Each month will have some regular features. For example a piece on what is growing in the garden, who is visiting the garden etc. I have been doing some filming every time I work on the diary and I am hoping to put all the content together into a vlog for you each month. On Monday I decided to take the snowdrop out of the flower press (this month’s featured plant) and to mount it on some card with some interesting information about snowdrops. Filming this was a bit of a gamble since I didn’t know just how the flower was going to turn out in the press, but everything went well and the final piece looks great.

To round off the day I photographed all the new pieces of jewellery I had made last week and listed them in the Folksy store, you will find them here. There are now seven new gemstone bracelets in the store, which if not sold will go with me to my first event. I am having a real problem choosing my favourite piece as I love them all, but I think the tiger’s eye and amethyst bracelet and the labradorite and amethyst bracelet are particularly beautiful.

Tuesday 14th

One of the beautiful slate signs that has been made by Di, which will be included in this month’s diary entry.

Today I spent a good couple of hours at Stanwick with the Settlers Garden Team. There were lots of things happening in the garden, we had some students from the University of Northampton filming us for their media course. We chose to use the students as this month’s visitors to the garden, so with their permission we took some photos of them filming us. We had a meeting about the plans for the upcoming year. I showed everyone what work had already been completed on the dairy and explained the brief for this month. There were lots of great ideas from everyone and 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for the Settlers Garden!

I got home to see that the postman had delivered me a squishy parcel from wool warehouse! I had ordered some Stylecraft Special Aran to make a poncho for mum. I found a few different poncho patterns on Ravelry and asked mum which she liked the best. She chose the Alexis Poncho, which looks lovely. It is mostly moss stitch with some cables. The pattern is available for free and you can get it here.

Filming for this is now complete!

I wanted to release another video at the beginning of February, so after opening my squishy parcel I got on with some filming. This is a video showing you how to make a homemade Valentine’s card from toilet roll tubes and paint. It’s actually a project I did with the guys from Bourne 2 Care last year. All their cards looked really great so I wanted to share this project with you. (Remember to share pictures of your crafted Valentines on our social media, whether you use our project ideas or make one up yourself!)

After filming I started work on the Alexis Poncho. It has taken a little while to hit my stride with it, but I seem to be making god progress now.

Wednesday 15th

The Alexis Poncho in progress

I spent most of today working on the poncho, but I found a little time to repair some jewellery for someone in the afternoon. I also wrestled with technology today. There are lots of great visual effects that you can use on Instagram if you know how. However for most of these you also need an iphone. I have never had an iphone and I don’t particularly want one. However there were so many things that frustrated me about android and Instagram not working together properly that I actually considered getting a refurbished iphone 6s.

You will all be glad to hear that not only did I not buy the iphone, but Mr Crafts helped me work out how to do all the cool Instagram stuff with some workarounds on my android phone! So now I can bombard you with infinite Instagram stories!

An early release on the YouTube channel

Thursday 16th

Today was a bit of a catch up day in the diary, for if I had planned too many things in the previous three days. However I didn’t actually need the catch up time! Yay me!

I had already decided to use my time to edit the footage I filmed on Tuesday. However I had a quick scroll of the social media and saw that several paper crafters had already started posting their Valentine’s content. Not wanting to be left behind, I got my entire video edited and uploaded to the blog/YouTube/Facebook ready for you all to see. If you missed the Video, you can watch it here (don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel while you’re there!).

This is the second video I have created with the new editing software Mr Crafts got me for Christmas and, I have to say, I’m really pleased with myself. I have worked out how to use the basic features pretty quickly and I can now ad in audio voice over, backing music and other effects to make some really professional looking content. I’m looking forward to creating lots more content in the future!

In the evening Mr Crafts and I looked at booking our holiday. We had planned to go interrailing in Europe this year. We worked out our ideal route and costed it. The price was quite frankly ridiculous. Given that we are saving for a house and a wedding we couldn’t really justify spending so much on a holiday. Instead we went back to the drawing board and started again.

Friday 17th

Roughly the route we will be taking arround Spain and Portugal

Determined not to be beaten I spent the day thinking of a new plan for our holiday. We are now going traveling by train, around Spain and Portugal. I can’t wait to go now, there are so many cool things to see and do. Top of my list is to see the Barbary Macaques in Gibraltar and visit the beautiful area of Montserrat. We are still working out the details but all our flights are booked so there’s no going back now!

I had planned to go to Woolly Workers, but instead I fell down a Spanish rabbit hole! When I finally dragged myself away from the laptop it was too late to get to Scotch Lodge so I stayed home and worked on mum’s poncho some more.

Saturday 18th

Today Mr Crafts and I played “Brown Sign Bingo”. It’s a game I made up, and it sounds a bit daft. It’s lots of fun and I recommend you try it!

On a day when you don’t really know what to do with yourself and you’re tired of doing the same old things, play Brown Sign Bingo. You often drive around your local area/ where you drive for work/ where you frequently go to the same places and notice brown road signs. I often found myself wondering what there is at these places but never going. To play Brown Sign Bingo all you have to do is pick one of the places you’ve seen on a brown sign and go there. No researching, no looking at reviews. Just go there. It could be good, it could be crap. The fun is finding out! You never know you could end up finding somewhere you really love right on your doorstep.

It’s not as bad as it looks….

Anyway, this time I would say Brown Sign Bingo was a definite loss! So we carried on driving and went into Leicester. I needed to get a birthday present for someone (I already gave them a handmade Christmas present) so I hit John Lewis. I managed to find a birthday present relatively quickly, and I also had a look in the haberdashery sale. I may or may not have bought 19 balls of Novita Aran, because obviously I don’t have enough yarn. However I absolutely love this yarn, it was in the sale and I intend to make myself something beautiful to wear, possibly several beautiful things!

Sunday 19th

This is definitely going to get some use!

Some weeks it feel like everything happens at once. Usually lots of little things happen and before you know it you have no time left at all! Well that has already happened for me next week! Today I had planned to go food shopping (instead of tomorrow which is my usual day), but with one more social commitment added to the pile I decided to alter my plans.

Determined that next week will be as productive as this week has been I have already planned out the diary for the next few days. I have included all my social commitments, food shopping and content creating for the blog as well as preparations for the craft fair on Sunday. I have even written this entire blogpost today! As I know I won’t have time to write it on Monday and get everything else done! I’ve a few more jobs to do and later I will be unwinding with wine and knitting.

Until next week,



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