The Craft Journal: 6th January

The first page in the new Settlers’ Diary

Hi craft fans!

I have had a little bit of a strange week. Mr Crafts was supposed to be away in Salt Lake City for work until today, but he came home early as he was unwell! That meant I had to change some plans last minute to go and get him from the airport. It did however mean that I got to go to Woolly Workers on Friday, which was a little bonus!

I actually got quite a few things done this week, although it really doesn’t feel that way. I am hoping for a far more productive week this week. With that in mind I am going to get down to business and kick of the first post of the week!

Monday 6th January

The first video of 2020

At the beginning of the week I decided to try out some of my new Christmas presents. Mr Crafts bought me a new video camera and some new video editing software. I’ve got plans for lots of videos this year, but I wanted to kick off with something simple. Mr Crafts’ parents got me a craft kit which was perfect for an unboxing video. So after several attempts at filming and learning the basics of my new software the first George Crafts video of 2020 was complete! If you want to take a look at the video, you will find it here.

Tuesday 7th January

Big things are happening in the barn and garden this year

Today was a very exciting day! I had a meeting at Stanwick Lakes with Hilary to plan the first month’s content for the new Settler’s Garden Diary. We chose a plant to be this month’s featured plant, decided what other photos and content we wanted in there and we picked some snowdrops from the garden to press. I did a little bit more filming around the garden so that I can put together a video of the journaling process. Hopefully the video will be ready to release at the beginning of next month!

As well as the meeting with Hilary I also have a few more dates in the diary for Settlers stuff. 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for the Settlers, so watch this space!

Wednesday 8th January

Today I felt so overwhelmed. I had a meltdown (well several meltdowns!) and called Mr Crafts in America. I got hardly anything done today and felt so defeated and I felt time just running away from me and completely out of control of anything that was happening to me.

Mr Crafts helped me get a bit of perspective and I felt a lot better. After a few emails and admin tasks the meltdown(s) were pretty much behind me. I had planned to visit the guys and girls of Bourne 2 Care the next day. However Mr Crafts told me he was coming home early from the USA. As it was very short notice he wouldn’t have been able to organise a taxi from the airport, so I said I would pick him up in the morning.  

I can’t wait to see what my finished blanket will look like

I had been working on my squares for the Blaithin Blanket Crochet Along since Christmas, as I was trying to catch up with everyone! I had just about finished square three (the Cosmos square) and its accompanying solid squares before I took a break to focus on the Christmas jumpers and now I have finished number six, the Bellflower square.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a great deal of crochet done this evening as I fell asleep with my squares in my lap!

I don’t feel quite so bad about being behind now, mostly because there are a few people who have just found the crochet along and have just started. Plus I have been good and sewn my ends in as I have gone along, which will save me a job when I get to the end!

If you would like to join in with the crochet along, you will find all the details on Carmen’s blog (as well as loads more gorgeous crochet patterns!).

Thursday 9th January

Having fallen asleep on the sofa last night I slept very badly when I finally went to bed. I set an alarm to give myself plenty of time to get up and drive down to Heathrow, but I slept through that. I woke up two hours after I had planned so I got ready and got out of the house. Fortunately I still had plenty of time to get to the airport before Mr Crafts would land, or so I thought. His plane arrived half an hour early!

We got home for around lunchtime. Mr Crafts went to bed and I made one or two bits of gemstone jewellery. I also did a little more crochet for the CAL.

Some of my favourite pieces from this week

I also had an enquiry about a commission. Michelle at Scotch Lodge had spoken with a lady who wanted a poncho made from a vintage 1970’s knitting pattern and wanted to know if I would be interested in taking on the work. Ignoring my ever growing pile of half-finished projects, I jumped at the chance! Michelle passed on my details to the lady and all I had to do was wait (and possibly finish some of my current projects!)

Friday 10th January

The original plan was to visit Bourne 2 Care Thursday and then stay over at mum’s house and craft. As such I was going to miss Woolly Workers this week. However picking Mr Crafts up meant that I got to go to Scotch Lodge after all! I took my squares to work on. I got one and a bit squares done in the afternoon, so as you can guess there is usually an awful lot of chatting and not that much work goes on!

Serious retro vibes!

While I was at the farm Michelle showed me the pattern for the poncho. The lady who enquired had messaged Michelle to say she would be in touch with me soon. When I got home I had received an email with the pattern.

The project is a little more complicated than I first thought. The yarn (being produced in the 1970s) is now discontinued, the pattern does not have a tension and the weight of the suggested yarn is not given. However with a bit of googling I managed to work out the type of yarn needed. The original yarn, Emu Filigree, is an Aran weight mohair. There are not many of these on the market, and they are quite pricey!

I put together some suggestions for yarns and tried to match the colours as closely as possible and send off a quote for the project. Then I waited nervously. The price to make this project is really quite a lot so at best I expected that I wouldn’t hear back at all.

Saturday 11th January

These will be perfect for the scrapbook

As I missed out on seeing mum earlier in the week we arranged to meet at Rushden Lakes. Mr Crafts was still feeling unwell and mum was in the market for a new coat. It was very windy out at the lakes so I think that might have kept some of the crowds away. Mum successfully bought her coat and I browsed the paperchase sale. I was extremely good and resisted the urge to buy new notebooks. I did however find some amazing stickers!

I love a good sticker at the best of times, and sale stickers are even better! I don’t actually need more stickers but when I saw these I had to buy them. The stickers are California and Palm Springs themed, so they will be perfect for the USA scrapbook.

Another accidental sofa nap and then more bracelet making and crochet squares

Sunday 12th January

This morning I woke up to another email regarding the 1970’s poncho! The lady still wants to have the poncho made, but because she wants some of the colours to be exactly matched she is going to try and source some yarn herself. She’s away traveling right now but wants to meet up when she gets back! How exciting! I really can’t wait to get started on this project (I know, another one).

I had been telling mum about this commission yesterday when we were shopping and came across some ponchos in White Stuff. These were definitely not in the same style as the 70’s poncho! As nice as the White Stuff ponchos were, they really didn’t seem that difficult to make. Plus the cost of the yarn to make them would be a fraction of the price of just buying one. So I hit up ravelry to look at the patterns for ponchos and sent some pictures over to mum for her to choose what style she wanted. Then I sent over the Stylecraft Aran colour chart and got her to choose a colour. So now, I am going to make two ponchos. I really do think I need help. Someone please tell me that I am not the only person out there that has this many projects going at once. Anyway, I am now waiting for a lovely squishy parcel from Wool Warehouse to be delivered so I can make a start on that.

Crochet along squares will be made as fast as possible until my new yarn gets here, at which point the blanket may well be put on the back burner until the ponchos are finished.

I really don’t enjoy these Harry Potter kits!

I also had a few more comments on the Harry Potter videos on my YouTube channel. I tried to look for the pattern so I could answer some questions for people, could I find it? No. I have turned my whole office upside down to look for this damn pattern and it was nowhere to be found. Finally it turned up so I tried to see if I could give a quick answer, but the pattern has some very odd instructions. I have been working up to finishing the Harry Potter videos for a while now. Honestly I find the projects a little dull, the yarn is horrible and the filming and editing is extremely repetitive and laborious.  Now I have the pattern to hand I decided I would do a little more work on the doll to get ready for filming the next parts of the series. I can’t promise that it will be done quickly, but it will be done.

That’s all my crafty news for the week. I’m off to get my bracelets photographed and listed in the Folksy shop, research snowdrops, film some content and try not to start any more projects. Have a great week and don’t forget to share your crafty makes with us on our social media

George x

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  1. What a busy week you’ve had. Makes me feel tired to read it. When you get around to your needle tatting (saw the book in a previous post) give me a shout, its something that I do!

    1. I will have to bring my tatting stuff to Scotch Lodge one day! When my ever growing pile of WIPs has diminished somewhat! About to start mum’s poncho. Hopefully Ill get it finished before the 70’s one!

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