Review – Resin8 Petal Trinket Tray Kit

The finished tray

Hello crafty friends!

Some of you will remember I ordered myself a birthday present before I went away. If you want to see the unboxing video, you can click here. Now I have had a little time to get over the jet lag, teach some workshops and do various other things I finally got around to making the petal trinket tray that I ordered from Resin8.

All of these pieces have gone in the bin!

For those of you who don’t know I have been a little obsessed with making things from resin for a while now. I went to a resin jewellery making workshop and I have been hooked ever since. I have been trying resin at home and so far I think I have had about one useable piece of resin jewellery since the workshop. My resin would always remain tacky no matter how long I left it to cure and I was getting really fed up. I decided I would buy a small kit from Resin8 to try out their resin before ordering a larger quantity.

If you want to see how I got on with making up the kit watch the video below!

The Kit

For £28.95 your kit contains, enough resin to make one trinket tray; petals to decorate the tray; mould which can be reused; measuring cups which can also be reused; rubber gloves; three stirring sticks which can be reused; three cocktail sticks which can be reused and a set of clear instructions.

My tray waiting to be taken out of the mould

I found that I only needed to use one of the cocktail sticks and one of the mixing sticks so I have the others left for another time. The sticks that I used are still fit to be used for a few more projects, as are the measuring and mixing cups. I have more than enough petals left over to make another tray and the mould can be used again and again so long as it is looked after.

As the tray is made as a two part pour over the space of a few days it would be useful to have more than one set of rubber gloves. However I was careful in taking mine off so I could reuse them in the second part of the pour so it was not the end of the world; and at least it is one less pair of rubber gloves to end up in the landfill.

My Resin8 haul

The Resin

Resin8 make a variety of different resins for different purposes. All the types are listed on the website with details about what resin to use for the best results, depending on your project. The resin supplied with the trinket tray kit was the “fill it” or slow cure resin.

Firstly, there was no unpleasant smell with this resin, unlike other brands I have used in the past. The resin and hardener were easy to pour, measure and mix. Although I had one or two small drops spilled, there was no horrible sticky mess. Clean up was nice and easy. The resin cured well. I left the resin for the instructed amount of time and when I returned to my project it was beautifully clear and the resin was not at all tacky. This resin does what it says it will do!

Beautifful blue mica powders

About Resin8

As well as kits Resin8 sells just about everything you would ever want for your resin projects. They sell a variety of moulds, pigments, mica powders and finishing products as well as their various types of resin. They also offer a variety of workshops, held in The Cotswolds.

Resin8 is an ethically conscious company. They attempt to recycle all of their packaging, so don’t be surprised if the packaging your order arrives in looks a little used, everything inside is brand new! They do not test any of their materials on animals and their materials do not contain any animal products.

Overall Impression

I am extremely happy with almost everything I have bought from Resin8. The trinket tray is great and I am really impressed with the resin. I will definitely be ordering their resin for my projects in the future. The only thing I am slightly disappointed in is the polishing kit.

As well as the trinket tray kit, I also ordered the Rejuvin8 polishing kit. After taking out my beautifully clear trinket tray from the mould I used the polishing kit.

I am not a fan of the polishing kit

The polishing kit contains some scratch removing paste, a shine enhancer, two microfiber cloths and a selection of wet/dry paper. There are no instructions for this kit. I used the wet dry paper, starting with the most coarse and gradually working up to the smoothest. Then I used the scratch removing paste and one of the cloths, followed by the shine enhancing spray.

This left my tray very cloudy. So I looked on the Resin8 website to see what I had done wrong. Apparently the shine enhancer is for removing any greasy residue and I shouldn’t have used it, but everything else I had done was correct. So I attempted the whole process again. Still not better. Another couple of tries at this and the trinket tray is still cloudy and now I feel annoyed!

Bottom Line

I loved the trinket tray kit and the resin, I won’t be bothering with the Rejuvin8 kit in the future!

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