Out of the Box with Resin8

Hello Crafters!

What a lovely delivery!

It’s been a while since I have posted here. Since the Meet the Settlers event a few weeks ago I have been feeling exhausted! I have been pottering about and crafting a few projects as well as volunteering on the Settlers project, but I haven’t had the energy to sit and write about everything!

Only three of these pieces survived!

Over the last few days I have been trying to create some beautiful resin jewellery pieces.

Some of you may remember that I went on a resin jewellery making workshop around 6 months ago (if you want to read what happened, click here) and I absolutely loved it. I bought a little kit to make some projects at home which went reasonabley well. Then the resin ran out.

I had caught the bug and wanted to do more! I ordered a litre of resin from Amazon at what I thought a fabulous price. I also bought some silicone pendant ring and bangle moulds which at the time seemed like bargains.

It’s true what they say, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The bangle mould was so small I think a child would have struggled to get it on. The rings, well I never managed to get a ring out of the ring moulds! All of the resin pieces I poured with this new resin seemed to turn out feeling tacky or soft, no matter how long I left the resin to cure. Well this week was the final straw. I had some pigment powders and some alcohol inks and I wanted to experiment with them.

These mica powders are gorgeous!

Again, I poured about twenty pieces. Three of the pieces are usable, another three may be usable after some TLC and the rest, well they have been filed under “B” (for bin/bloody aweful sticky mess which is now in the bin).

Slightly enraged (if it is possible to have rage in slight quantities) I filed the remaining resin, my ring moulds and the bangle mould all under “B” and decided I would treat myself. Well, it is my birthday this month!

Shortly after the resin workshop I discovered a company called Resin8 on social media. They are extremely active on social media, and are nominated in the craft business awards 2020 for best social media. If you want to check their instagram account click here. Trust me, you will want to try resin art if you spend very long looking at their beautiful photos.

I received my delivery this morning and I thought, as I have not made one for such a long time, I would make a video of the unboxing!

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Coming soon will be a review of all the goodies in the video above, however I am going to be jetting off to America soon, so it will have to wait until I get back!


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