Review – Acrylic on Canvas Painting Workshop

Keep reading to see how it turns out!

I have never been much of an artist. I get easily frustrated, especially when things don’t look perfect. So what possessed me to sign up for an art workshop I will never know, but I’m very glad I did!

This afternoon I have been at Scotch Lodge Farm and Craft Shop taking part in an acrylic painting workshop with local artist Sandra Costello (check out Sandra’s Facebook page here).

We had three hours to paint our own beach scene working off of an example from Sandra. All tools and materials were supplied including a nine by twelve inch canvas, as well as pencils, paints, brushes etc. and a helpful handout guide. We also had some loose canvas to practise techniques on before committing paintbrush to finished painting. As always we were supplied with plentiful tea and coffee from the lovely staff at Scotch Lodge.

Having only ever painted with watercolour (not very successfully, I might add) I was not particularly confident in my abilities as a painter! However I am really pleased with how my painting turned out! Sandra explained each of the painting techniques really well and offered helpful advice throughout the class. We learned several techniques for painting skies, clouds, seas and grasses (among others) all of which were simple but really effective!

The cost of the three hour class was £30, without considering the cost of all the materials provided that makes tuition £10 an hour, which is very reasonable. (In my previous life I had horse riding lessons which easily worked out at £30 an hour!). Considering how much I learned in the three hours and how happy I am with my painting (which turned out far better than I would have ever thought possible!) I would definitely consider this class to be good value for money. I look forward to going to another class soon! The next class at Scotch Lodge will be in early September. I’m sure I will be investing in some acrylics before then!    

Who knew I could paint this?!

2 thoughts on “Review – Acrylic on Canvas Painting Workshop”

  1. Wow! What a wonderful review, Georgina. Thank you. I was so pleased to meet you today and you clearly have natural talent, painting with acrylics. Your painting looked brilliant.
    If you are used to watercolour, you may have found out, acrylic paint is very different. You mastered it well though.
    My next class will be using watercolours and it would be lovely to see you again at Scotch Lodge Farm.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I am really pleased with my painting, I never would have thought I would have been able to paintt something like this! I am looking forward to more painting!

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