Harry Potter Knit Your Own Hat, a review

It seems like an eternity ago that I bought these Harry Potter craft kits from Aldi. I have now made two out of the four kits, one crochet project and one knitting project. All kits were priced at £3.99, which is the same price as Aldi’s “so crafty” range of kits.

What is inside a £3.99 craft kit?

In the make your own hat kit there are two balls of yarn in burgundy and one ball in gold (yellow to you and me!). I don’t know how much yarn there is per ball or what the yarn is made of as there are no yarn wrappers and the information is not printed on the box. The kit also contains a set of bamboo knitting needles, a plastic darning needle and a template for a pompom, as well as a pattern to make the hat. If you want to watch an unboxing video, click here.

How does this kit differ from the Aldi “so crafty kits”

Although there is no information regarding the make up of the yarn in the kit, the yarn itself seems to be of a much lower quality than the yarn in the Aldi “so crafty” kits. I have absolutely no intention of putting this hat anywhere near my head, nor will I be wearing the scarf once I have made it! I cannot imagine where this yarn has come from but it seems to have harness the itching power of an army of fire ants.

It seems that the box is more robust than those used in the “so crafty” kits, being made of corrugated card rather than printed white card. Perhaps they would have been better off spending less on the packaging and a little bit more on the yarn?

The pattern is officially licensed by Warner Brothers. This means that Warner Brothers have reviewed the pattern and are satisfied that it accurately reflects the Harry Potter films and official merchandise. As such the patterns are written correctly this time (unlike in the so crafty crochet shark kit – don’t get me started on that one!).

Making the item

I cannot tell a lie, I hated making this hat. Firstly, the yarn is hideous. Secondly the pattern has to be the most boring pattern I have every knitted. 16cm of rib, made as k1 p1 is enough to bore anyone to tears! The pattern itself is relatively easy to make. However as most people craft for fun, a first time crafter may have struggled to see the fun in this!

Value for money

The hat doesn’t even fit the model! The rib is so stretched!

I am sorry to say I do not consider this kit to be good value for money. The hat knits up to be very small (the photograph on the pattern even shows the hat to be stretched when on the model) which is something that could have been so easily rectified within product development.

I appreciate that being a licensed product, Aldi will have had to pay for that license. This is probably where most of your £3.99 is going if we are being completely honest. Therefore I can understand that less may have been spent on the contents of the kit, including the yarn. However I think I have enough yarn in this kit to make the hat at least once more (which I will NOT be doing.) so Aldi could have given us half the amount of yarn at a higher quality.

This was not a labour of love!

Yes, I know £3.99 is not a lot of money, but when you are bored to tears making a finished item that is pretty much unwearable due to both size and itchiness I would rather have the £3.99. I would even have been happy to pay a little more than £3.99 if the yarn had been of higher quality.  

In summary: please spend less on packaging, give less yarn but of higher quality, and for the love of all things crafty please make sure that the hat fits an actual person!  If it looks bad on the model, we ordinary folk haven’t got a chance!

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