Review: Altenew Layering Stamps and Inks

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I have been a fan of Altenew products for a long time. The first time I ever saw anyone using the layering stamps I was so impressed with how simple the techniques were and how beautiful the results were. So I recently took the plunge and bought myself two sets of Altenew stamps and a set of inks.

I bought the rose spray (£17.99) and frilled petals (£20.24) stamp sets and the spring bouquet mini ink set (15.29). In total there were 6 inks and 31 stamps. The total cost was £53.52, with an additional £10 off from a website voucher.

Layering guides

The stamps are very high quality, they are made of thick photo polymer and are very robust. They cling well to acrylic blocks. You are provided with a layering guide to show you how to use the stamp system to achieve the best results. In addition you are also given 4 example projects using each stamp set and suggested colours from the Altenew range of inks.

The stamps themselves are easy to use, being clear polymer it is possible to see through them they are easy to line up. The layering guide indicates which parts of the stamp you need to line up and if necessary you could use a stamping platform to further help you.

A project using frilled petals

The ink pads, although small (approx. one inch square) are absolutely packed with ink. The ink transfers easily onto the stamps and then off of the stamp onto the paper. The colours are intense and they give even and uniform coverage. Being dye inks they are blendable and water based and they are also great for adding to embossed card to bring out the texture of any embossing folders.

I’m very pleased so far with the projects I have made with the stamps. I am happy that they represent value for money. Being stamps they are not consumables and there for they will not run out or get used up. The ink pads may need replacing over time, however they are so packed with pigment, very little ink is used with each stamp.

Inspiration guide

Projects using layering stamps will be coming up on the blog very soon! If you want to buy your own layering stamps you will find them here.

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