Out of the Box with Aldi and Harry Potter – Knit your own Gryffindor hat

For the final video we take a look inside the box of a make your own Gryffindor hat kit from Aldi. If you want to see more wizarding goodness being unboxed, you will find our other videos here (Hedwig, Harry, Scarf).

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Box with Aldi and Harry Potter – Knit your own Gryffindor hat”

  1. I have having so much trouble with this I have started and restarted so many times, for the first few after you knit and purl for the second row are you doing purl knit.. I would really appreciate any help you have

    1. Hello Lydia,

      Thank you for getting in touch. You have asked a great question. When you are making the rib part of the hat all of the rows will be knit one, purl one. When you are doing the rib you don’t have to worry about the “right side” and the “wrong side” as the rib looks the same on both sides.

      If you haven’t found our YouTube channel yet, take a look. I have made three videos on how to make the hat in this kit which you might find useful. I will linkt them below for you:


      If you need any more help please let me know. You can contact us on the blog or via our Facebook (@georgecraftsblog) or instagram (@george_crafts) pages

      Best Wishes


      PS if you work your knitting as row 1: k1, p1 and row 2: p1, k1 you will be doing a textured pattern called moss stitch. The rib is k1, p1 for all rows

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