Review – Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball

The beautiful Prism colourway

I bought a ball of this recently, it was a bit of an impulse buy. I saw the colours and I loved it straight away. My shawl in a ball is a particularly well-travelled one. I took my yarn on holiday with me as I wanted to a project with me that only needed one ball of yarn and that I could just pick up and put down when in the car, on the plane etc.

First Impressions

Shawl on a bed

The colours in this yarn are bright and vibrant, they don’t run and the change of the colours throughout the yarn is seamless. Although there is a metallic element running through the yarn, it is not scratchy. The yarn is soft and durable being a mix of cotton and acrylic (58% cotton). The colour way I chose was “prism”, however there are so many colours available for this yarn that there should be something to suit everyone.

Working With the Yarn

For the most part this yarn was great to work with. It worked up quickly into the finished project without splitting or breaking. There was no colour transfer from the yarn despite the colours being bold. The yarn stands up well to being unpicked and reworked multiple times. (I know because I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to use it!)

Shawl on the beach

If you are going to use shawl in a ball I would recommend winding the yarn into a new ball before starting. I did not do this and the outer layers of the ball of yarn fell away as I was creating my shawl. This resulted in a lovely tangled mess. So instead of two hours of crochet on my internal flight I endured two hours of knot unpicking, much to the amusement of my fellow travellers! Lesson learned. Looking on the positive side the yarn was strong enough to withstand being tangled, untangled and then worked without breaking or shedding fibres!

This yarn also makes great tassels, I used my left overs to make a lovely tassel for the bottom of my shawl.

Value for money

Shawl in a chair

A shawl in a ball costs anywhere between £7.00 and £10.50, depending on where you get it. The balls weigh in at 150 g and that is enough to make a decent sized shawl. Lion Brand (the makers of shawl in a ball) have a huge range of free patterns on their website. There are 73 patterns alone for the shawl in a ball. You don’t even have to buy the yarn to have access to the patterns. All you need to do is create an online account with them or sign in through Facebook. Keep in mind that Lion Brand are an American company so the crrochet patterns may be in US terms! The price per 100g is competitive with many other Aran weight yarns, however these yarns often do not have the same colour patterns, metallic elements or high natural fibre content as shawl in a ball.


Shawl in my hand

This yarn is both soft and strong; it comes in a variety of beautiful colours. This is a particularly good yarn to opt for if you are going somewhere and want to pop it in your hand bag/cabin baggage/car etc. as you need only the one ball of yarn and a crochet hook or set of knitting needles to create a beautiful project. Shawl in a ball would make a great gift for a crafty friend, or indeed you could make up shawls as gifts. Shawl in a ball represents high quality and value, just re wind the ball before you start working with it!


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  1. An interesting and informative read With a gorgeous finished item to see at the end. Well done George and thank you. X

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