Simon the Mini Sheep Crochet Kit – From Toft UK

Well, I know I promised you photo updates when I made Simon the Mini Sheep, but when it comes to craft I have no self control, I made him all in one night. If you want to see the progress pictures I will put them at the bottom of this review!

About Toft UK: Toft UK began in 2006 as the brainchild of Kerry Lord. Her family has a herd of alpacas and the company began by selling yarn made from the alpaca fleeces. Today Toft sells yarns, accessories, patterns and kits and is known for providing high quality products. As well as selling through the Toft UK website, Toft products re available through a variety of sellers and high street stores to include Paperchase, John Lewis and Create and Craft.

The Basics: Many of you will already have seen what is included in the kit in my unboxing video of the kit. If you haven’t already seen it click this link to take you to the video. I purchased Simon the Mini Sheep, however if sheep are not your thing worry not as there is a huge ( and I really mean HUGE) amount of choice in the other Edward’s kits, including dogs, birds, dolls, sea creatures, unicorns and even snails. There is something for everyone. Outside of the Edward’s kits Toft also do a range of kits for making scarves and gloves and many other items in both knitting and crochet.

The yarn provided in the Simon kit is 100% wool so it has an exceptionally soft finish (perfect for a sheep). A 25 g ball of Toft DK weight yarn in cream will cost £6.00, so given the kits retail for around £12.00 this makes them great value for money (but more about that later).

Working with the kit: The instructions for the kit are very clear and if you need additional support as a beginner there is plenty available (including a how to guide included, phone lines and email support). There is absolutely everything you would need in the kit including tools, so a complete beginner would be able to make this project without needing to buy anything extra. The only additional equipment I used to make this kit was a stitch marker. However there is no need to use a stitch marker as you can use a small length of yarn instead and there are even some instructions on how to do this included. I have never made a Toft Kit before and I have also never made a stuffed animal before, as such I was a little too generous with the amount of yarn I left for closing up the ends and sewing the pieces together so I ran out of the yarn right at the very end of making the loops of fleece (literally a few more inches of yarn and I would have been fine). The kit does not need ore yarn adding into it, however including a recommendation of how much yarn to leave on your pieces to close up etc would be a useful addition to the instruction for a beginner.

I was extremely pleased with how the project worked out and will be making many more Simons in a variety of colours (and I may have already started another already). This would be a great kit to give as a gift either to someone who wants to get into crochet, or to make up and give the finished project as the gift.

Value for money: Included in the kit are a pattern, instructions, yarn, toy stuffing, yarn needle and size three crochet hook, as well as a mountain of support for a beginner. Although I have used up all of my yarn I still have left some toy stuffing, the pattern, the instruction and the tools. Based on the the Toft UK website the individual parts of the kit are priced as follows:

  • Yarn – £ 6.00
  • Hook – £3.00
  • Yarn needle – £1.00
  • Toy stuffing – £6.00 (enough for 5 standard sized projects)
  • Pattern – £3.00
  • Total = £19.00 (without delivery charge)

(Prices correct at time of publishing)

Given the quality of the yarn and the fact that tools are included in the kit as well as all of the support available I would say that this kit represents incredible value for money. You would hard pushed to buy all of the individual items anywhere to make any soft toy for under twelve pounds.

Overall Verdict: I do no have enough words to describe just how fabulous this kit is. Great quality, exceptional value for money, hug amounts of support for a novice if needed. I am absolutely in love with these kits and I will definitely be making more, in fact I am already planning a trip to pick up Orla the mini Octopus! Well done Toft! A definite 5/5.

Progress Pictures for those of you who want to see just how Simon came together

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