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This is all the yarn I have left over from the three balls of yarn I used to make this hat for my other half (head size approx 58 cm)

Hi lovely crafters!

Today I am going to review some yarn I have been using. Once again this is not an advert and I don’t work for any craft companies (although if there are any companies hiring out there, Hi!). I have gone out and spent my own money on the yarn and it has not been given to me by Novita or John Lewis to review. I am simply a crafter who loves to share her experiences, and as we all know crafters love both quality and value!

About Novita: Novita are a Finnish yarn company, they sell wool in the UK exclusively through John Lewis, although Novita have their own website through which they sell yarn, patterns and accessories. Novita have been in business since 1928 but only launched their yarn in the UK in Autumn 2018.

The Basics: I purchased three balls of Novita 7 Veljesta (7 Brothers) aran weight yarn, in Ice, Jeans (from the Classic collection) and Luosto (from the Pohjola collection). Ice and Jeans are block colours. Luosto is a dark green yarn with black and white flecks. The main dark green colour of Luosto also varies in depth so that there is a variation in the shade as the yarn is worked. There are plenty of beautiful colours colours to choose from in both the Classic and Pohjola collections. The yarn is made of 75% wool and 25% poly-amide so is both soft and durable. The balls of yarn I purchased weighed in at 100 g each and this gives approximately 200 m of yarn per ball. Novita recommends that one ball of their aran is sufficient to make one pair of women’s socks. I fell in love with the colours as soon as I saw the balls of yarn on the shelves. All of the yarns are beautiful but if you want to make something that is particularly eye catching then I would recommend going for one of the yarns in the Pohjola Collection.

Working With the Yarn: The yarn is soft to the touch and does not feel itchy or scratchy. When handling the balls of yarn there is a distinct feeling of quality. I used my yarn to crochet the hat in the above picture, for me crochet seems to test yarn’s durability more that knitting as I and constantly pulling the hook back and forth through the project rather than using nice tapered knitting needles to create my stitches. The yarn stood up to the project very well, there was no fraying of yarn, the ply of the yarn did not unravel or split apart (which can be a problem particularly in crochet projects) and the yarn did not shed fibres or lint as I worked with it. Overall I was very pleased with how it handled. The yarn allow for creating durable and hard wearing projects. If you are someone that likes to make gifts for friends and family you need to be confident that you are giving a good quality gift. This is something you would be sure of when making projects with Novita’s aran yarns. Given the quality and durability of these yarns it is no surprise that Novita market their aran range for socks. Anyone you gift a pair of Novita socks to would be extremely pleased with them.

Value for Money: The yarn in the classic collection is priced at £6.90 per ball at John Lewis or € 5.90 on the Novita website. The yarns in the Pohjola collection are £8.90 per ball at John Lewis and € 7.90 on the Novita website.

The price difference between Classic and Pohjola of £2 per ball is nearly 30 % increase and seems a little much at first. However taking a closer look at the Pohjola yarns you can see that a lot of extra work has gone into making this yarn look spectacular. Not only are you buying a flecked yarn which has evenly distributed flecks of equal size (unlike some of the lower priced alternatives) you are also buying a yarn with subtle variation of the shade between light and dark. This is not something that is available everywhere so it is worth looking at the Pohjola yarns as something of a luxury range.

Having browsed the internet for comparable yarns from other companies (i.e wool mix aran yarn in 100 g balls) I have found Novita to be extremely competitive in price. In fact in most cases the cost of 100 g of aran in a block colour from other major brands has come out at at least the same price or more expensive per 100 g as the Pohjola flecked yarns from Novita.

I bought a total of 300 g (100 g in each colour) of yarn and made an adult men’s beanie hat in double crochet (to fit max head circumference of 58 cm). After completing the project (using Jeans as the main colour) I have left 47 g of the Jeans yarn, 80 g of the Ice yarn and 91 g of the Luosto yarn. A total of 218 g of yearn. This leaves me enough to make 2 more hats of a similar size and still some yarn left over. (Or I could just make myself two pairs of absolutely gorgeous and snuggly socks!)

Given the quality of the yarn on both the Classic and Pohjola yarns, their recent release on the UK market and the exclusivity that UK retailer John Lewis holds for the yarns, as well as how far the yarn has gone in my chosen project; I would say that these yarns do represent good value for money. As they say, you get what you pay for, and in this case you are paying for exceptional quality.

The Overall Verdict: I think it is safe to say I am in love with Novita yarns. They are visually stunning, extremely durable, excellent quality and the Pohjola yarns in particular offer something a little bit different. Buying Novita is buying into quality and value. A definite 5 stars.

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