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The spotlight is on Kuretake this week

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Welcome to another calligraphy review! This time I am happy to say that the review is a lot more favourable. Unfortunately social distancing and COVID-19 has put the Settlers’ events on hold for the time being we are looking forward to a time when this is all over and we can put on our fantastic event at a later stage.

Some of you will remember my review of the Manuscript Callicreative markers (click here if you missed it) which was not particularly favourable. I have now received all the markers that I ordered from various brands and had the chance to try them out.

Today we will review the Calligraphy II markers from Kuretake.


A set of twelve double ended markers with chisel nibs designed for calligraphy and lettering. The pens each have a broad (3.5 mm) and narrow (2.0 mm) nib. There are 12 colours including traditional blue and black ink but also vibrant pink, purple and orange.


Kuretake make great pens. They are a well-established Japanese brand and I have bought their pens in the past. I have never used their calligraphy markers but I do like all the other pens I have tried.


The set of 12 pens was £11.76 (£0.98 per pen) which is actually less than I paid for the Callicreative markers. You can find them on Amazon here.

Testing the Markers

Before testing the pens I was reasonable confident that the broad nibs would be able to stand up to at least moderate use but I was uncertain of the narrow nibs, given how the nibs had deformed with the Callicreative markers.

I tested both nibs of the pens in a variety of the colours and I am pleased to say that both the narrow and broad nibs stood up well to the use. Neither end of the pen has deformed and there is no need to exaggerate pressure changes in the up/down strokes of your writing to achieve the desired effect.

As with the Callicreative markers I tested the Kuretake pens against my fountain pen and felt tips. This time I also tested the Kuretake pens against the Callicreative markers. You can see how each of the pens fared in the image below. I think it’s fair to say that the Kuretake pens held up a lot better than the Callicreative markers.

Samples from my tests of the pens against the fountain pen, Callicreative markers and felt tips.

Value for Money?

Absolutely! The Kuretake pens are extremely good value for money. They are fit for purpose and the two sizes of nib in each pen gives you additional versatility should you want to experiment with different lettering style. If you have a child that wants to begin lettering or calligraphy these would be a great investment. They are tough enough to last, in expensive, versatile and give great results. I am just as happy with the results of these markers as I am with a fountain pen. The only difference being that I actually find that using the fountain pen encourages me to write more slowly and so I can be more precise with the fountain pen. This is just down to the user and with more practise I will be able to become more precise with these markers too.

Bottom Line:

Excellent value for money, a great starting point for those new to calligraphy and lettering and a versatile set of pens for those looking to add a pop of colour to their lettering projects.

Have you used the Kuretake Calligraphy II markers? did you like them? Do you use another brand for your lettering and calligraphy? I would love to hear about it. Get in touch with us, leave us some comments below or find us on Facebook and tell us what you think!

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