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My first forray into felting

Hello Fibre Fans!

I think I have found a new crafty addiction, yes, another one. Today I went to try needle felting for the first time in a workshop at Scotch Lodge Farm. I am happy to report I came home with a pair of needle felted toadstools that I am very happy with. It is possible that I may have gone home via the craft store to pick up some needle felting supplies, but this is of course just speculation.

I have seen many beautiful needle felted projects by people over the years and I am always so amazed that a bundle of fluff can turn into something with structure if it is stabbed enough times. I’ve even seen needle felted jewellery before, which I think is pretty cool. Of course it was inevitable that I would have to try needle felting at some point.

A few of my fellow woolly workers have been on needle felting workshops at Scotch Lodge before and they have all enjoyed themselves so much, so I booked myself and my mum (who is now also obsessed with stabbing a tiny needle into wool) onto the workshop held by the wonderful Loubilou of Gifts by Loubilou!  

I’m so happy with the results!

I had such a good time, and I learned so much! Which types of wool work best for needle felting, how to make sure your project lasts as long as possible, what to look out for when buying kits and lots more besides! There I was thinking you just took any old wool and stabbed it until you felt better, I mean until it looks the way you want it to.

Louise was so friendly and encouraging, especially when my toadstool was looking quite flimsy! Although we all made toadstools Louise gave us loads of options to make our projects unique, for example mounting our toadstools on wood slices or adding a ribbon to hang them up, instructions for different sizes and shapes, different coloured wools and so on.

Even the underneath of my toodstool is beautiful

The was the project was designed for us showed great attention to detail as we were instructed on how to decorate the underside of our toadstools, even though most people probably won’t see them. The workshop was brilliant and I will definitely be making more needle felted projects in the future! I can thoroughly recommend attending one of Loubilou’s workshops (details can be found here).

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