Hand Made Heraldry

A fearsome dragon!

Hello Crafters!

This is a first for me. I have never made my own cutting files before!

Right Now the Settlers of the Nene Valley are planning a huge celebration of our local heritage (more on that at a later date!). Anyway, as part of this celebration I have been planning a few activities with some of the other Settlers, including designing a coat of arms.

A mild mannered hare

I have been busily swearing at my computer and have come up with some free SVG files which you can download and use on your Scan ‘n’ Cut, or any other cutting machine you have that reads .svg files. These files can be used to make your own coat of arms.

The files include a shield, chevron, badger, eagle, dragon, axe, castle, lion, and a crown. To make the cut outs more three dimensional you can use a marker to draw along the cut lines and add some shadow.

Which beast will adorn your noble house?

To use the files download the folder onto your computer. Right click on the folder and select “Extract all”. The computer will then ask you where you want to save the files. Choose where you want to save them, then copy them onto a USB stick. Now use the USB stick with your cutting machine to cut out the files!

Please feel free to resize the files as needed and as always, you are allowed to sell your makes (including the cut out shapes if you wish!) but please do not sell the digital files.

I would love to see anything you make with the cutting files, cards, shields, you could even cut them out of shrink plastic and make jewellery! Enjoy!

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