Spring Flowers Paper Crafting Kit

Crocuses at Deene Park in Northamptonshire, the inspiration for this kit

Hi Everyone! I have been learning a lot since starting this blog. Using a variety of different graphics packages has been amongst the many things I have learned. The learning curve was a steep one and, let me tell you, it’s not over yet! Anyway, I have been having a play with some images and I have created a small paper crafting kit featuring spring flowers. Simply download the file and save it to your computer. You can print out the pages as many times as you like and make whatever you wish with them.

This paper crafting kit was inspired by spring flowers that I photographed when I went to the Deene Park Snowdrop Walk last weekend. This kit will be great for all of your Mother’s Day and Easter projects as well as spring birthdays, but you are the crafters and you should make with it whatever you want to! Just don’t forget to show me your makes!

I will post some photos shortly. I can’t wait to get started with my makes!

You will notice the thicker lines around the sentiments and the toppers. These are there to help you to cut out the shapes neatly with your craft knife or scissors. If you have an electronic cutting machine such as the scan and cut I am very happy for you to scan the images in so they can be cut out. As before you are very welcome to sell any finished projects you make but please don’t print out the pages and sell them. (This is the first ever time I have ever produced and form of digital artwork for crafting with, I promise my skills will improve!)

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