Alternative Tail and Fins for Aldi’s So Crafty Shark Crochet Kit

Hello Everyone!

Some of you will remember the review and unboxing videos of the Aldi So Crafty crochet shark kit. Those of you who have read the review will remember that I was not particularly impressed with the pattern. Not only was it poorly written, it was also incomplete!

Some of you have asked me to share my pattern for the tail and fins of the shark, so I have now written up my patterns. I have also made two videos to walk you through the patterns!

I hope that this will be helpful for you all. If you need any further help please to get in touch via our contact page or through social media. You will find us on Facebook (@georgecraftsblog) and Instagram (@george_crafts). We would really love to see photos of your finished sharks so please share them with us on social media!

6 thoughts on “Alternative Tail and Fins for Aldi’s So Crafty Shark Crochet Kit”

    1. Hi Emma!

      Thank you so much for getting in touch! I’m so happy that the pattern helped you to finish your project!

      It would be brilliant to see some pictures! You can share your makes with us on Facebook (@georgecraftsblog), we are also running a giveaway on our Facebook page right now!

      Best wishes!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m brand new to crocheting toys and I was going mad with this pattern. My husband googled it and found your brilliant and accurate review. I was glad to see it wasn’t just me struggling with the pattern.

    1. Hi Kim!

      Thank you so much for getting in touch! I’m so glad you found the review and the fins and tail pattern helpful. It would be great to see some photos of your finished shark! You can share them with us on our Facebook page (@georgecraftsblog). There is also a giveaway running on the Facebook page until tomorrow!

      If you need any more help with the shark please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to help!

      Best Wishes


  2. I’ve just bought this shark from aldi for 79p – a fab bargain, I thought. The pattern to me is incomprehensible! I can’t even work out how to begin. I’ve tried about 10 times to end up with the correct number of stitches but can’t. Can you help?

    1. Hello Emma!

      Sorry to hear you are having problems with the pattern! You are not the only one! The pattern is pretty terrible. It is actually written in US terms which I have translated below for you.

      US single crochet is a UK double crochet.
      US half double crochet is a UK half treble crochet
      US double crochet is a UK treble crochet

      The body of the shark is made in the round. This style of crochet is called amigurumi, this means it is made in a continuous spiral (i.e. you do not join your rounds with slip stitches, you just keep going round and round etc). To help you keep your place you should use a stitch marker/safety pin/scrap yarn in the final stitch in each round. This will help you to keep the right number of stitches in each round of the pattern.

      To begin working in the round for the body you can choose one of two methods. First is to make a chain of two and then make six double crochet (UK) into the first chain stitch that you made. Alternatively you can make six double crochet (UK) into a magic/adjustable ring.

      I have also linked below my review of the kit which covers some of the problems with the pattern so may help you decipher it. After you have read the review you may find the following videos useful:

      Double crochet into a ring –

      The magic/adjustable ring –

      Crochet increases and decreases –

      Working in the round part 2 –

      Amigurumi, your questions –

      Crochet into back loops only –

      If you need any more videos there are a bunch of crochet tutorials on the blog

      If you want to see an amigurumi project made then I have an entire playlist on the channel of me making a Harry Potter Crochet kit (Hedwig the Owl) on the channel. You can find that here :

      If you have any more questions please do feel free to ask. You can also find us on Facebook (@georgecraftsblog) and Instagram (@george_crafts) and YouTube (George Crafts). We would love to see photos of your finished projects on our social media channels so please feel free to share some photos with us!


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