Easy Crochet Heart Motif: a free crochet pattern with walkthrough video

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Well I hope! I designed this pattern when several hospitals put out appeals on social media. They have asked crafters to make pair of small flat hearts for the patients they are currently looking after.

The idea is that one heart stays with the patient and one stays with their family. It allow them to feel close to each other at a time when visiting is not allowed due to social distancing measures.

If you want to make hearts for your local hospital, please only do so if they have specifically asked for them. Not all hospitals are accepting the hearts and this is due to their individual policies.

You are very welcome to make these hearts for absolutley any reason at all. They will make great hanging decorations, bunting or embelisments for wreaths and blankets. Any projects mae using this pattern can be sold by you, but please don’t sell the pattern.

You can download the free pattern below:

If you need any help with the pattern or any of the techniques you will find a video walk through of the whole pattern below.

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