Jewellery project: eye pin bracelet

I am hooked on making these!

Hello Crafters!

I have a project for the beaders this evening. I have been playing with eye pins a lot recently. They are one of the jewellery findings I have had in my stash for a while which have been largely ignored.

That is until last week.

I decided to make some jewellery just for fun and for some reason I pulled out the eye pins. I have since made so many bracelets and necklaces with eye pins that I have actually had to restock!

Anyway, as I had a lot of fun using these simple little bits of kit, I thought you would enjoy making some bracelets too. I have filmed a little project video for you to follow.

This project is a good one for people who are just getting started in jewellery making as it will give you lots of practise at turning loops and using jump rings, as well as giving you a lovely professional looking piece of jewellery in the end!

I hope you enjoy the video, if you do please subscribe to our YouTube channel using the red button on the left of the screen.

If you make any of these bracelets it would be fantastic to see some pictures! You can share photos of your projects with us on Facebook (@georgecraftsblog) or on Instagram (@george_crafts).

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