DIY Paper Beads you can make at home!

Hey guys,

I’m here with another project for you! Many parents are resuming home schooling this week, so I thought I would share a project that your children might enjoy too.

To make the paper beads all you need is some paper, old magazines or wrapping paper are great for this, some glues, a pair of scissors and a barbeque stick or pencil.

Once you’ve made the beads you might want to decorate them. Painting them with clear nail varnish will make them shine and will offer a little water resistance. You might also like to use glitter nail varnish, paints or anything else you can lay your hand on! Then, of course, you jyst have to make some jewellery with them!

Below is an instructional video on making the basic beads and a free project download with pictures and instructions on making the beads!

I hope you have fun making this project! If you do make any beads it would be great to see some pictures. You can find us on Facebook and share your makes with us here.

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