Die Cutting with Tonic Studios

Hello Crafters!

It’s been a while since I filmed a video tutorial or written a project up for the blog. I decided it was about time that changed!

This paper crafting project is one to get your crafty juices flowing! it’s got die cutting, stamping, inky backgrounds and heat embossing.

If you don’t have the same stamps and dies as me, don’t worry. You can use other colours, stamps and dies. For example you might have a stamp that says “with love” and an intricate heart die. You could use these tools instead to make a Valentine’s Day card in red or pink tones.

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The Creative Craft Show at the NEC

I made this tree decoration in the second (far more successful) workshop

Hi Crafty Friends!

Last Friday I went to the NEC for the first time. My mum bought me tickets to The Creative Crafting Show for my birthday. We had admission into the VIP area and we were booked into two workshops! We have been to craft shows before, but never at the NEC.

There is so much to tell you about so I am going break the blog post down into sections. We will talk about the workshops, the trade stands, the goody bag and the organisation of the event. So if there is a particular section you want to see, scroll down and stop at the headings that jump out at you!

Before we begin I will give you a brief outline of our day. We arrived early enough, had an interesting time parking the car and getting into the actual show. We visited the VIP area, got our goody bags, we had a pastry before heading to the first workshop.

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The Craft Journal: 28th October

Coming soon to a Folksy Store near you!

Hello Crafters!

I hope you have all had a wonderfully crafty weekend. I think I am getting back to normality now. Last week was a busy one for me; this week is not looking quite so manic. You will have seen on the blog a few holiday related posts. You can read my top travel tips for crafty jet setters here, or if you want to read all about my trip to the USA, you can do that here. Anyway I have a lot to cover over the last seven days so buckle up and let’s get on with it!

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USA Round-Up!

Yosemite in the Sunshine

Hello Crafters!

For those of you who don’t know, I have been away on holiday! I have been in the USA as it was my birthday and Mr Crafts bought me tickets to see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas last year for my previous birthday! Some of you may have seen my travel guide for crafters, if you haven’t  you can see it here. Otherwise keep reading to see how Mr Craft’s and I travelled two three states in 10 days!

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Top Tips for Crafty Travelers

Beautiful Yosemite National Park in the setting sun

Hello Lovely Crafters!

For those of you who follow our social media, and for those of you who know Mr Crafts and myself, you will have seen that we have been away enjoying ourselves on holiday! We had a brilliant time and I will be filling you in on all the news from our adventures across the pond very soon.

This is the second time I have taken my crafting away with me and I wanted to share with you all my advice for not getting all your lovely stash taken off you by the wonderful boys and girls of airport security.

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Out of the Box with Resin8

Hello Crafters!

What a lovely delivery!

It’s been a while since I have posted here. Since the Meet the Settlers event a few weeks ago I have been feeling exhausted! I have been pottering about and crafting a few projects as well as volunteering on the Settlers project, but I haven’t had the energy to sit and write about everything!

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What’s On in Craft? – Jewellery Making Workshops

Want to make beautiful jewellery inspired by local history?

When: 29/10/19 and 05/11/19

What: Jewellery Making Workshop with Settlers of the Nene Valley (Children ages 9/10 and up in October, Adults in Novemeber)

Where: The Settler’s Ancestral Barn, Stanwick Lakes, Northamptonshire (directions, click here)

Cost: Free!

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The Craft Journal – 26th September

Hi Crafters!

All of these projects will be made over the two jewellery making wokshops

Today I have been down to Stanwick Lakes organising two jewellery making workshops which will be happening in October and November! I am very excited. Not only will these be the very first formal workshops I have hosted, but these will be the very first workshops in the new Settlers Barn! I feel very privileged to be holding the inaugural event in our barn and I hope I will make the Settlers team very proud! Anyway, I will be updating you with more details of the workshop very soon. For now we have a few days of crafting to round up from last week!

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The (Bumper) Craft Journal – 16th September

Hello Crafters!

It’s been a while since I posted and I have been very busy. I think I’ve only just recovered from a busy but fantastic week with the Settlers of the Nene Valley. Now that our Meet the Settlers event is over we are busy planning the next Settlers activities!

Monday 16th September

I wanted to start the week with a bang, so I chose some pieces of jewellery from the pieces I had been making over the past few days to photograph. Then I listed them all in my Folksy store. There are several bracelets and necklaces all in different styles so I hope there is something for everyone there! If you would like to view any of the pieces, click here.

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The Craft Journal – 9th September

My first ever online sale!

Hello Crafters!

Last week was so busy, and this week is shaping up to be the same. It is the final week of preparations before the Meet the Settlers event at Stanwick Lakes on Sunday and I anticipate much of the week will be spent working on this! I have been beading away furiously in the last few days so I had best get on with this so I can get listing the new items in the Folksy Store!

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