Top Tips for Crafty Travelers

Beautiful Yosemite National Park in the setting sun

Hello Lovely Crafters!

For those of you who follow our social media, and for those of you who know Mr Crafts and myself, you will have seen that we have been away enjoying ourselves on holiday! We had a brilliant time and I will be filling you in on all the news from our adventures across the pond very soon.

This is the second time I have taken my crafting away with me and I wanted to share with you all my advice for not getting all your lovely stash taken off you by the wonderful boys and girls of airport security.

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Your Questions – Amigurumi

Hi everyone! Today we have another tutorial for you. This time we are looking at a style of crochet called amigurumi. This has become very popular over the years and the trend does not look like its in a hurry to leave us any time soon! In fact this style of crochet is the main reason I wanted to learn how to hook in the first place!

There have been a few people asking questions and asking for help with their amigurumi projects, so this video is for you!

If anyone else has any crafty queries, please get in touch! Your question might be featured in the next video!